The first wave of visitors

Thanks to Lilly & Andy for coming to visit Nina! Cory also loved the attention...Madrina brought him a special birthday cake. Yummy!

Also, like to add another big "thank you" to the family for coming to meet Nina for the first time. We finally enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal together after last year's debacle. Spending the day in the hospital having clear broth was not my ideal meal. Well, thanks to all for making the special trip and hope to see many more soon.

The Tooth Fairy Visits

This is the first of many this month. Not only did Cory lose this first one but the one next to it and he got a molar extracted. Poor baby! I tell you what he loved what the tooth fairy left behind. What a nice lady!

Cory turns 106...Say What?!

It goes by so fast! Cory is six and enjoying a great day at school. With his birthday and a 100 days of school celebration at IDS. Things just couldn't get sweeter. Oh, but wait. He gets a birthday party at his favorite place...Pump it up! What a blast!

Motherhood Times Three

Welcome Nina! I'm speechless. Your arrival has been effortless and the easiest of all my babies. It amazing how you just fit right into our little family. Cory and Lucy are thrilled to have a younger sibling. According to Lucy she's "so cute." And her big brother can't wait to hold her when he gets home from school. It's just so sweet.