Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday dear mommy, happy birthday to you!


The birth of Lizabee & Co.

I emphatically believe that life is filled with a series of serendipitous moments. In fact, everything that I have done so far has lead me to this page and even you for that matter. We plan all the big occasions in our lives, graduations, careers, weddings, families, trips. But the little details...those little things that we measure on the happiness meter are the things that define our lives and build our character. I can look back at some of the major milestones of my life and think of them as a whole. However, if you ask me what defines me, I will start listing the smallest details of my life. For instance...I married a cuban-american sailor with a daughter of a previous marriage, which has given me the opportunity to experience life as a military spouse and stepmother. Those minor details were brought to me. Pretty philosophical, huh? Yep, which is what has lead me to this weblog. An infinite community, an ever changing time capsule into my life and that of my family for the world to read. For as vast that this community is, I feel like part of a club...a fraternal order of cyber journal-ists? This is the place where I find order and organize my thoughts and feelings and for those who have known me to visit my mind, see what I'm thinking and share my experiences. So, I invite all to comment and share the ride. And if you dare, start one of your own.

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Confessions of a Military Wife

The uniform represents honor, respect, valor, commitment to discipline..and moving! Yes, moving! The military spouses favorite pass time. Yeah, right! We're faced with many decisions...CONUS or overseas, base housing or off-base, rent or buy, single family home, townhouse, apartment, in the city, out in the country, nearby schools, nearby clubs? There so much planning involved in the whole process that we literally start to plan nine to twelve months in advanced. That's if you're lucky. Some have had little warning and have had to be out in a three months or less. Throughout the whole process we're anxious and thrilled. Anxious about leaving our adopted community behind and thrilled to start anew.

We've started the process. The prelim talks with the detailer...the man that is in control of our military destinty. Make one bad remark and it's off to Guantanamo. Just kidding! But there is a dance our sponsors make to make sure we get the best options. Well, I can say that we're looking forward to our next move. We've been stationed for about four years in our current duty station and a total of fourteen years in the Continental US (CONUS). Overseas is our next ticket. Where, remains a mystery but wherever it may be we will be wearing out our passports.

What we look forward to is a lifetime of memories and valued friendships as we leave behind treasured friends and cherished memories.

Thinking of Summers Past

This time last year we were vacationing through the mediterranean with our little ones. What a great trip and we have literally, thousands of pictures to prove how fabulous it was. It was so great that I'm still thinking about it. I feel like a vacation camel that can still go on with the memories stored in my hump. Here's just a select few of my favorite snaps. Enjoy!



I just absolutely love this picture! There isn't anything that I don't love about this picture...except that I didn't take it. This was taken a few years ago by my mother-in-law. I'm not sure that she was doing it for artistic value but it sure looks that way. Thanks suegrita!


What a Face

These shots show her exact personality...sweet and easy going. Oh, and those cheeks!


A Little Advice

We tend to be really hard on ourselves...why? The housework, motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood (no, it's not a real word) and/or a career. Always striving for perfection. We can kill ourselves to be perfect or we can strive to be a slacker. Yes, that's what I said...a slacker but in a good way. I can happily say that after over ten years of marriage and about seven years of motherhood, I don't sweat the small stuff. I have learned to let things go. Keep it simple. Be present. Live in the moment. Don't confuse that with living for the moment. The later has a more hedonistic feel to it, which may imply an anything goes attitude. Living in the moment is just being there. Accept that the laundry is never ending, that you'll have to bend down a hundred times a day to pick things off the floor, that you will use cliches like "Because I said so," and that a full night's sleep is a luxury.
Moments like these don't repeat themselves. That's why the camera is always ready and when it's not I say a little prayer that it will stay embedded in my memory forever. Like this moment here. Lucy decided to take a break from being a princess and became a "Ninja Turtle." Just precious.

I Love Lucy

We just got back from a great birthday weekend celebration for both abuela and Lucy. Going back home was a blast! We invited our closest family and friends for a bit of 1950's nostalgia with the "I Love Lucy" theme. There were poodle skirts, hula hoops and soda pop be-bop. Thanks for all for such a great time!


Status Quo

A dear friend came over the other day for a visit. Something that we hadn't done in along while. We caught up on our summer trists and upcoming events while watching our children play in the pool. After about an hour or so, she mentioned that I looked sad...indifferent. The way she said it really resonated with me. Those closest to me have noticed a change, however, have not been so bold as to confront me with it as directly as she had or have totally missed the mark and taken it personally. Many have asked me if I was upset with them. Not so...it's me.
She's was right. I'm not quite sure where this sadness is coming from but I've been feeling it, lately. It's something that has come over me and has been following me like a shadow. I'm not feeling depressed. I know what that feels like but it certainly feels like a loss, a heavy feeling that has come over me. It feels like I'm mourning over something. The only thing that I can attribute these feelings to is my approaching birthday. I'll be 38 soon. The last time I felt this way was when I turned 25. These are crazy numbers to be upset about...I know. The status quo is usually upset about turning 40 or 30. But, no not me. I guess in a way I'm saying my long goodbye's to my thirties and to some extent to my girlish dreams. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself with three children under the age of six at this age. I imagined my self with older children and the opportunity to be enriching my life with a more mature crowd. Perhaps, even deeper in my career.
The dreams have changed and now I don't know that my interests in careers are the same. But what I like is a mystery to me now. I've had a long nap and my dreams are a bit foggy. I have the time to figure it out. Not many peole have the luxury to do this. I know that I am very fortunate to be at a place where this can be done. Amen! In the meantime, I have my children and recent interests to pull me through the sadness. I can't wait to see where the next 38+ years will lead me.