Confessions of a Military Wife

The uniform represents honor, respect, valor, commitment to discipline..and moving! Yes, moving! The military spouses favorite pass time. Yeah, right! We're faced with many decisions...CONUS or overseas, base housing or off-base, rent or buy, single family home, townhouse, apartment, in the city, out in the country, nearby schools, nearby clubs? There so much planning involved in the whole process that we literally start to plan nine to twelve months in advanced. That's if you're lucky. Some have had little warning and have had to be out in a three months or less. Throughout the whole process we're anxious and thrilled. Anxious about leaving our adopted community behind and thrilled to start anew.

We've started the process. The prelim talks with the detailer...the man that is in control of our military destinty. Make one bad remark and it's off to Guantanamo. Just kidding! But there is a dance our sponsors make to make sure we get the best options. Well, I can say that we're looking forward to our next move. We've been stationed for about four years in our current duty station and a total of fourteen years in the Continental US (CONUS). Overseas is our next ticket. Where, remains a mystery but wherever it may be we will be wearing out our passports.

What we look forward to is a lifetime of memories and valued friendships as we leave behind treasured friends and cherished memories.

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  1. I love this posting...we should find out by Jan of next year and we will abuse our passports...I love your take on moving...


Thank you.