A Little Advice

We tend to be really hard on ourselves...why? The housework, motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood (no, it's not a real word) and/or a career. Always striving for perfection. We can kill ourselves to be perfect or we can strive to be a slacker. Yes, that's what I said...a slacker but in a good way. I can happily say that after over ten years of marriage and about seven years of motherhood, I don't sweat the small stuff. I have learned to let things go. Keep it simple. Be present. Live in the moment. Don't confuse that with living for the moment. The later has a more hedonistic feel to it, which may imply an anything goes attitude. Living in the moment is just being there. Accept that the laundry is never ending, that you'll have to bend down a hundred times a day to pick things off the floor, that you will use cliches like "Because I said so," and that a full night's sleep is a luxury.
Moments like these don't repeat themselves. That's why the camera is always ready and when it's not I say a little prayer that it will stay embedded in my memory forever. Like this moment here. Lucy decided to take a break from being a princess and became a "Ninja Turtle." Just precious.

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