The Firsts of Firsts

Cory was all smiles the first week of school. I thought he would be upset for being separated from most of his good buddies. He was for a second, then I reassured him that we'll see them on play dates and such and that this year would be a practice year for making new friends. A practice run for when we transfer overseas next year. The whole thing has me choked up. I know he'll do great. Lucy had the first day of pre-school, her first open house and dance classes, which is hilarious to watch. Now, Nina is saying "ma-ma-ma." Her firsts words. We all are so excited!

This is the first time ever that I have more pictures of Lucy then of Cory. A firsts for the second child. Yeah, for Lucy.

You see what I mean...these are the only pics of Cory's first day of first grade. We were rushing in late and I couldn't get any inside the classroom. Oh, the guilt!

These are the first of a series at the dance studio while waiting for class to start. She really plays up to the camera.

This one is my absolute favorite of hers. That's the best smile...ever!

Some other great Lucy faces!

Pictures from Open House.

Lucy just found her favorite toy ever. Pegs!!!!!!!

Posing in the courtyard...giving me the look.

"Mommy, I'm afraid of the froggies." She's actually spied some lizards but to her they're froggies.

"Look at the flower," mommy said. She takes great direction.

The school with the red door. Love it! The preschool is one of the oldest buildings in Lutz. A spanish mission style presbyterian church with a fantastic school. A place where many parents have taken their children and never left. You might ask, why are they at different schools. Well, Tims is only five minutes from home which means more alone time with Nina a couple days a week. Happy times!


  1. Congrats on your week of "firsts"!! How precious that your little one is saying "ma ma"! I miss that stage SO much..(but then I miss ALL the stages as we pass them!). Enjoy your one on one baby time!!

  2. Love the pics! My 5 year old just started kindergarten & my 3 year old starts 2 mornings of preschool next week. I love the dance lessons! Both of my older girls take them - I mean really, is there anything in the world cuter than a little girl in a tutu? LOL


Thank you.