Villefranche, France

Cassis, France

Calanque de Cassis, France

Villefranche, France

Nice, France

Going public is very out of character for me. Writing a blog, creating a profile, networking online, sharing pictures of myself and family was a big no-no in my world. But now it seems so easy and I feel very comfortable with it.

The latest is actually entering some of my pictures in an exhibition. I'm really proud of them and those in my tight circle have commented of my amateur talent. [Ah, that what hard to say...I'm usually very modest] But nevertheless, two of my shots are going to be exhibited at the Florida Museum of Photographic Art in Tampa. I'm very excited. Here are the entries and some of the others for consideration. They were taken on a trip to Europe last summer. One can never take a bad picture in Europe. Wish me luck!

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