Navy Life...Anchors Away

Noel has to leave early this weekend...I think. His captain is pulling him away for some very official business that requires the input of the CO's Executive Officer...that would be Noel. And I'm typing from my new retreat. Our local library...a quiet place to collect my thoughts and recharge my mind. Doesn't sound too exciting to most people. But lately, this has been my happy place. Usually, it's a spa. But one must watch their pennies lately. If you haven't realized it or are in a state of denial, we are in a recession.This has been a tough year and it has tested our relationship to the max.
We're passing with flying colors, though. The best thing Noel and I have in common is that we go forward with the end goal in sight. Every time we have a bad day, a setback, we remind ourselves of all the sacrifices we've made and that the end result will be sweet. Retirement...sweet retirement from the Navy.
We've had it good for the most part and we always reward ourselves along the way. A road trip here and there, a great dinner, some local sight-seeing. We've always taken full advantage of our adopted communities, wherever we've been. Military life is hard enough. You can't live cooped up and watch every cent. One must take advantage of the resources around you and take advantage of all things local to make it through the rough patches. Recently for me it's been the library. All I need is some hot tea and life is complete.


  1. Great blog honey. I love it. We are over the hump in this decision of geo bachelor. One thing that I do not recommend is doing this again for this length of time. I it hard and there are days that I feel like...time is one thing in my eyes that no one, not even God, can give back to us. Time away from you and the kids is priceless and that is the reason I have those thoughts of why are we putting our family through this separation...any way...like you mentioned in the blog...we have to look forward and concentrate on the shinny light at the end of the tunnel. I love you and keep these up...they are great. Noel

  2. hey! like the navy pic! hope you guys are doing great...talk to you soon;-)

  3. Thank Noel for his service to our country as a member of the silent service! He and people like him help protect our freedom


Thank you.