Photo 101 - Depth of Field

Well, today it was about homework and family time. I started out the day playing junior monopoly with Cory and ended up in the pool early evening with Noel, Cory and Lucy. Somewhere, sprinkled in the day was time spent doing homework for my photo 101 class. My shots taken today are my homework assignment.
It was all about depth of field. Which is basically a huge review of fractions. It's very confusing, at first, and hard to grasp and I can say that our teacher, Chip... really explained it well and gave great examples. Another, great resource on photography in general is Me Ra Koh's photography blog. I love how generous she is with all the details of photography. She also has fantastic examples of how to use the different features of your SLR cameras to capture all sorts of shots. Thank you Me Rah! And then there's Becky...my favorite person to talk about photography. Another generous spirit who will stop what she's doing and answer any of my photography questions and who has inspired me to go somewhere with this. Thanks, Becky!

Since, I just love the blurred effect in background of objects I set the camera on aperture priority. I really did a lot of practice with a low aperture and used my 50mm Nikkor lense with F-stops as low as 1.8. The sharpness of the object in focus and the contrast with the blurred background really is AWESOME!!!
I love photography!


  1. great job! i knew you would love that lens;-) and thanks for the pat on the back. glad we all inspire each other!

  2. Blurred background is one of my most favorite techniques! I just love the sense it gives & the focus on that main attraction! Beautiful photos, Liza! Keep up the good work! You inspire me to share mine too!

  3. I think is time for that new lense you so much want. These pictures are phenomenal...I am ready for the next drive around looking for great spots to take pictures or it. I recommend the garden place in St Pete. I can't remember the name. Love you Noel


Thank you.