Shh..Let's Keep It Between Us

The night is over. The kids are sleeping and I love that I did it alone. It's selfish, strange, whatever, but I am enjoying doing this solo. Some nights the frustration boils over into the blog and I will admit that out of sheer exhaustion I miss sharing parts of my day with other adults. But when it comes down to putting my babies to sleep...I love to do it alone. It such a tender moment. And I get to do it three times every night. Each moment is unique. Each child has a different need. They are relatively close in age. However, at their tender ages of six, three and seven months each child's night time ritual is different. The baby is easy. A bottle, some rocking and a kiss on her forehead and she is ready to be in her crib. She practically puts herself to sleep. Lucy will play a little then demands to be held until she falls asleep in my arms. Then Cory has to have a late night snack, watch TV, and he waits for me to finish with the younger two so that I can snuggle with him for five minutes or so before he fades into sleep. This is the best time of the day for us. He allows me to baby him while he tells me sweet anecdotes of his day. I soak it all up!


  1. I love bedtime too. They are so sweet - all snuggled up, curled up with you. I love to smell their hair and just hug them! Enjoy!

  2. You just made me even more excited about having a baby! I can't wait, but I couldn't imagine going it alone, you are one brave mama! I wish you well in the future and hope for more happy times for you like this!!

  3. You are super mom...I do not want to put you/us through this geo bachelor stuff again...we are less than a year to go...God's willing...I will be there every weekend I can to give you an extra break. I love you, tu papo


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