This too shall pass..this too shall pass...

Well, today has been one of those days. I'm irritable, tired and my joints hurt. I knew that this next year would be tough and my OCD is taking over. I really hate to complain because my life is good. Even with Noel traveling for work, I feel truly blessed. And no, not because he's away. This too shall pass...my latest mantra. I just wish I had all those around me that I love and cherish to share in my joy instead of getting a phone call from me from time to time when I need to vent. Those I do have around keep me busy and entertained, though. Lucy was playing Aurora today.

In any event, my photography class is going great! I absolutely love it. Who knows where this will lead? I'm letting serendipity take over. I love it when things magically fall into place. It's such a great feeling when I'm at a moment in which I know has transpired only after a series of unplanned, or better said, semi-planned events. Those are the moments of true bliss.

Now, I leave with this quote, said by a groom on his wedding day..."My life has always felt like a struggle with no peak. My journey has finally ended, I am at the top."

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  1. She is JUST adorable - this is your little girl I'm guessing?? I love the blur on the swirly skirt - it's a great "moment-in-time" shot.


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