Happy Anniversary, Honey

On Friday, September 5th, Noel and I celebrated the 11th anniversary of our wedding elopement. Now, that's a mouthful. Noel is not one for many surprises but eleven years ago he gave the surprise of a lifetime. He planned our wedding elopement. Now, mind you our engagement was uneventful. There was no bending on one knee, dropping the ring in a glass of champagne, wrapping the ring up in twenty boxes in descending sizes. Oh noooo, none of that. Just a simple gesture and the handing over of the ring. Yawn!!

He surely, made it up for the wedding. He told me on a Monday to be ready on Friday around 5pm because we were getting married. Being the skeptic that I am, he caught me completely off guard. He kept reminding me throughout the week, but I didn't believe him. What guy surprises his bride with a wedding in five days? Uh, my guy! When Friday rolled around he reminded me yet again to be ready by 5pm. I HAD NOTHING!!!! I wore a simple Ann Taylor white pant suit. A sweet little heart shape delft pendant (that Noel brought me back from a deployment) as my blue and I borrowed a pen to take to the marriage commissioners house to sign the marriage certificate.

It was simple and sweet and, for me, the best memory that we have as a married couple. It was a beautiful Labor Day in Chesapeake, VA. and we honeymooned in Williamsburg. Our first meal as man and wife was at Christiana Campbell's Tavern. I can't remember the entire meal but I do remember the Sweet Potato Muffins. They have become a Thanksgiving tradition in our household since then. This tradition will continue as long as we're together and will forever remind me of our sweet start.

Since, I know that he reads my blog religiously, I want to send him this little message... "I love you and can't wait to see you on Friday...tu cuqui"


  1. I love you too honey. I still regret not giving you a big engagement surprise. But like Lauren said...we are blessed with our bambinos...I will never forget that old man who married us. It was just you and me. IT WAS AWESOME...I am blessed that I married the girl of my life, the one that I felt in love with since the first day I saw you. Thanks Liz (if you read this) for introducing us... I miss you Cuqui and see you soon. LOVE YOU, tu papo

  2. Hay dios mio...que amor, me alegro que ahun seas tan cursi. Felicitaciones a los dos. Ahora los dejo que me voy a tomar un buche peptobismol.


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