I'll Never Win the Perfect Mom Title

I did it again...forgot another commitment. If it's not in my PDA and checked with an alarm...FORGET IT MY FRIENDS, you won't see me there. A couple of times, I've written things on the wrong dates. That's just as embarrassing. Today, I did show up for an event...just seven hours after it happened. Damn keypad...8:15 not 3:15. It's a good thing I'm not running a business outside the home. Oh, but wait. I am running the household, making sure the kids have eaten, gotten dressed, bathed, get to school on time, groceries in the fridge, homework done, laundry washed, folded and but away, house in order, pool filter checked, lawn done, run the kids to their activities, doctors appointments for the seven month old....oh, and did I mention I'm doing this alone. Military man is in Georgia running a submarine. Shouldn't be too hard on myself. I forgive me.

Well, it's good to get that off my chest. Now, for a proud Mommy moment. After the daily after school Cory meltdown, the day ended on a high note. You know, I wish those parents that witnessed the mommy don't at the school parking lot today could have seen me tonight. My multi-tasking was a masterpiece. As NPR played in the background, I was preparing a home-cooked meal, helped Cory study for a spelling test, Lucy painted and Nina played in the baby excer-saucer. Pure bliss. The kids were cooperative as I moved them from activity to activity. And at the end of the night we toped it off with reading, rocking (the seven month old) and rest.

Now, ladies don't hate me because I'm beautiful. These moments don't happen all the time. I do live here on earth. But you do have to toot your own horn from time to time...toot! toot!

Cory's list of words for his first spelling test...ever! Good luck, baby!


  1. Yeah for you! We need those perfect moments to get through the reality of as "married, single Mothers".

  2. meant the reality of life. oops. Been up since 5 am.

  3. Bravo Mamma! You are right, we need to appreciate those times.."live in the moment" more! Enjoy & can't wait to hear about his spelling test!!

  4. The definition of a perfect Mom:
    1. The mom who putting her kids over her is second nature...
    2. The mom that takes care of the kids when the husband is not home for a long time...
    3. The mom drive around like a shool bus all day long and wakes up the next day ready to go some more...
    4. The mom who reads to all three kids...
    5. The mom who hasn't had a break for the last year since her husband has been away due to the military....

    I can keep on going for a very long time. You are the best mom any guy could dream for for his kids...I am blessed to have you for my wife and especially for the mother of my little ones...I will be home soon...love you, Noel


Thank you.