I've Become One of Those People

You know what I mean, those people who walk around with their cameras and every lens they own to take pictures of the most crazy, and yet normal, things. But you know what, I don't care. I'm loving it! The practice is making me better and we saw some crazy critters and reptiles on our hike. Cory and Lucy had to be reminded that we weren't at the zoo.

"Stay away from the river. The gator looks hungry," mama said.

The day was great...hot...yet, great! A must see for my Tampanians friends who haven't made it there. Go!

These are some of my favorite pix and check out the rest of them in my web albums. As you can see, we had fun exploring.


  1. Loved the new pics! I will have to get up to Hillsb. State Pk myself sometime - looks like a great place for pictures (I love outdoor pics of the boys) and another great place for a hike! Keep up the good work! I'll post my pics too when I get up there!

  2. I love these pictures honey. The picture of the alligator is amazing knowing how far we were from it.


Thank you.