Oh, Monday, Monday

Mondays are the best day of the week around here. Three Mondays in a row and the kids are absolute angels. You would think that they would be missing Noel more or just be completely out of whack because he's gone for the week. However, they are little troopers...they just forge forward and keep on going after I give them the standard answer to...

"Where's Daddy?"

"On the submarine," I say.

Lucy is taking it a bit harder these past few weeks. As she was scuffling around the family room this morning, I heard this under her breath.

"Papi?...Oh no, I'll never see him again."

She was honestly panic stricken. It broke my heart. I shared this with Noel later in the day and he added, that as he was trying to transfer her into her bed last night she held him tight and pleaded with him to stay home.

"Daddy, please don't go on submarine."

So, you're wondering what's so wonderful about Mondays. Despite, these little heartbreaks they continue their day with strength, courage and hope. I've taken this for granted. Our day has to go on and yet, I've never given them any credit for being so strong. Now, fast forward to the end of the day. NPR is playing in the background as homework is completed and tempura painted masterpieces are being created.

I'm starting to look forward to Mondays.

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  1. I am still crying inside for her soft spoken, heartbreaking, sweet words. My little Lucia knows or senses when Monday morning is here and she even sleeps with me...8 more months of this. I can't wait...love you and miss you guys...


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