Practice Makes Things Better & A Scene from the Kitchen

My photo safari did not produce the results that I wanted. The new 10-20mm Sigma is a bit harder to use than I imagined. I need some feedback. Whatcha think people?

I played with some effects with this one.

I played with the effects on this one, too.

Well, at least I know that Hillsborough State Park is a place I want to go back and visit with Noel and the kids very soon. It had a lot to offer. I saw a cafe, a huge pool, canoes, picnic and camping areas, and lots of trails. Everything was very well shaded. Nina loved it, too. She perked up when she heard the cicadas chirping. Actually, they sound like they're taking over like a plague.

On another note, Lucy was a trip today. I'm not sure what's going on with her lately...she's been very moody. However, she made the funniest comment to my mom today in the kitchen. A scene from the kitchen...It goes something like this...My mom is cutting up veggies for a salad...

"Abuelita, I want some trees."


"I want some trees."

"Trees, Lucy?"

"Some trees, Abuelita. I like trees."

"Mom, she wants broccoli."

Thought that was funny. Just wanted to add it for a little flavor. Good night!


  1. the second shot is great! this lens is basically for landscape and not portrait, because it is so wide. if you use it for portrait, you will see some lens distortion and seems as if you are looking through one of those fun house mirrors...lol!
    however for far-away landscape shots it's pretty sharp!
    happy shooting!
    ps--i feel a little better today;-)

  2. I think we should go this weekend. I am up for it. I can offer too much help with the lense. Bucky can do that...love you guys Noel

  3. I love the framing and the depth on the last two. Really nice, so much so, I'd put them up on my wall. Stay with it!
    Te gusta lo de la escritura verdad? Se te nota. Se ve super bien el site
    cheers ; )


Thank you.