I Should Wipe Worry From My Vocabulary

Lucy is worrying me. She seems so sad lately. I'm not sure why but I have a hunch. She's realizing what her father does for a living and I feel she's not adapting well to preschool. It doesn't help that I feel that she hasn't clicked with her teacher and that the director is so unprofessional. (More on that later, after my conference with her.) I'm very tempted to withdraw her and just teach her the basics at home. She did just turn three about two months ago. I think I may be pushing it with all the changes around here.

I remember, now, how hard it was for Cory when we first moved to Tampa, the new school and Lucy's birth. He went through a huge attack against me. Lucy isn't quite on attack mode but she may need some mommy time all on her own. Nina takes a lot of my time and when Cory is home he is constantly fighting for my attention. He's good at shifting the focus on him. Between shifting my attention on him and the immediate attention that baby Nina needs, I physically see Lucy from the corner of my eye walk away with her shoulders slumped in disappointment. She went from being my baby to the middle child and I can't stand it! I should just go on my gut instinct and keep her home. There's nothing worse than always worrying about her when she's at school. Let me sleep on it...


Thank you.