Isn't She Lovely

These are just a preview of all the shots that are being edited of Cory's last soccer season. It's a good thing that my copy of Photoshop Elements was purchased with a gift card because all I'm using is Picnik, My absolute favorite photo editing tool. I know I have raved about it before but it is the best for non-editor types, like me. It makes editing fun and easy. And I mean EASY!!!!! You have to try it!

Okay, enough of this little beauty from the side lines...here are some of the Gray Season featuring Cory...

For somebody who doesn't like editing, I had a lot of fun with the effects. Sorry, if I tell you then you won't be impressed.

We can't forget the assistant coach and assistant. Noel got to be a part of it even though, he was traveling back and forth from Georgia.


Thank you.