Project #1 -- Soles4Souls

Today, besides the cooking, laundry, vacuuming, toilet scrubbing, potty-wiping, bottle rinsing and eating bon-bons, I worked on making my first donation to Soles4Souls. Cory and Lucy's feet went through a major growth spurt and I had been keeping some of them for sentimental reasons.
The attachment one gets with certain things that the children wore or made can fill an infinite number of storage facilities. In my pledge to let go and go green, these shoes are going to a worthy cause and on the feet of a child that really can use item.
The process is easy...
1. gather your shoes (obvious step)
2. go to Soles4Souls website
3. click on your shoes to find location nearest you
4. fill out donor information form
5. send it to a distribution center or drop them off at participating locations in your area
6. pack and ship.

Here's to happy feet!


  1. OH NO!!!!!don't do it...I still remember these shoes...our little ones are growing and I am sad I am missing all this time with them...sorry honey for not being there to share some tears together. I love you, tu papo

  2. I love the new banner...keep this going IT IS AWESOME...love you, Noel


Thank you.