The Haircut

The brown eyed-girls were playing this morning while i was getting ready for the day. These moments are so precious. Look at them. They're so cute. Look at lucy's hair. The bangs need a little trimming, don't you think?

"Oh, let me get my scissors", mom thought. "I'll save myself a trip to the kiddie salon and save a few dollars."

Snip, snip,"looks great," mom thought, again.
[mom leaves the room for a visit to the powder room. Mom re-enters and gasps]

Oh, lucy!

We're off to get a haircut.


  1. I am actually hoping you really did that yourself and are expressing your artistic gifts, otherwise, poor Lucy. Kyle had to decorate a large turkey for his Pre-k class. He used paint and really went to town and had a blast, then decided to glue on a few of his shells from trips to the beach, and finished it off with a picture of himself with Osiris and Corey playing dominoes in Sarasota! I was so proud he included his cousin!

  2. oh yes, it was all lucy. she cut off all that hair. Kyle is so cute. Cory had a lot of at the party. He always has such a great time with the boys. Wish we were closer, they speak the same language. It must be in the DNA.

  3. I am still laughing about this, after I held my breath as I was scrolling down...WOW...they both look adorable playing in the room...I CAN NOT WAIT to be home and simply enjoy these type of moments...keep it going honey...these are great pictures...so Lucy only cut her hair, correct...amo daddy

  4. I keep reading this one and would love to have been there. She is AWESOME...is the picture after you took her or prior? more pictures please!!!!!!love you, daddy

  5. Hi honey, lo siento que no te pude llamar hoy. Manana tenemos otro dia que tal vez pueda oir tu voz. Despues de manana empezamos a caminar hacia la casa. No paro de leer el blog. Love you guys...papo


Thank you.