October Fun Vol. I

It's late election night and saddened by the loss of my favorite candidate, I've decided to end the night with a little joy. So, I'm here, posting this entry for my military man under the sea, so that he can share in his family's fun while working 24/7 shifts for all of us. (Honey, I know that you can check this more often than our email...keep your comments coming. We Miss You!!!) 

I hear Obama addressing literally a million of his supporters, giving what is in this country, the most historic speech made since Martin Luther King, Jr. at that same park some 40 years ago. It's an epic moment for the African American community and the United States. President Elect Obama has very big shoes to fill. There have been many great African American leaders before him, I just hope that he can live up to his loyal followers expectations and in the process earn some new ones for the sake of this country's morale and welfare. Since, I've never been highly political on my blog, I'll stop here and post my favorite shots of our October Fun.

It started with train rides at Hunsader Farms in Bradenton and finished up with Halloween treats on Fox Run. Here's the first batch. Enjoy!

This is what I do when I'm standing in line with a camera in my hand. Take pictures of signs.
 can check this more often than our email...keep your comments coming. WE MISS YOU!)

The train was adorable. Made out of barrels and old tires. After the hayride, corn maze, food and more they still had enought energy for a ickle fest. Their expressions say it all. Lucy is loving it and Cory loves torturing her.The pumpkin patch was my favorite part and the kids, too. They are just beautiful!

Lucy was having the best time picking out the best one. She got it. You would never think that Nina was having a horrible time at the patch after seeing this shot. She hated the straw against her skin. Cory came to her rescue. That's what big brothers are for, right? 



They there for rescues and noogies, too. There's more of the pumpkin fest in my picture gallery...have a look and keep posted on the next batch.


  1. WOW...the pictures are phenomenal cuqui...it is late at night and seeing these is my energy boost for days to come...as I stand duty as command duty officer all I can do is think about you and kids. I keep telling my self how blessed I am for having my family. It is tough being away from you guys. But time will go on and I will be home soon. I love you guys...daddy...btw pictures are great and can't wait to see the rest of the album...it looks like the kids had a blast...good night from under the sea...

  2. I forgot to asked you if you are using your new camera...give a kiss to the kids...papo

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you...i'm glad we energized you, honey...keep going for us...love an miss you...ps...it's the same camera, but i'm still looking.

  4. hey--nice pics. sorry for your loss;-))) at least the pics energized your night! i, on the other hand, am happy with my man's turnout! lol! i think ili will not speak to nelis in a few days...oh, the drama! gotta love it! see you guys soon, becky


Thank you.