October Fun Vol. II

As promised, here's the next batch of shots from our fun-filled October sans one member of the family...military man. WE MISS YOU! Mommy misses you like crazy. Not much longer, P...

Well, this is not such an exciting moment but I did get some cute pix of Nina. We were waiting for Cory outside of his CCD class. Lucy was sleeping and I was shutter happy.

Here's a few from a friends birthday party. Halloween inspired of course. It was a costume party...a blast was had!

The Pokemon trainer costume was still on the sewing table. So mama improvised! Count Cutie is getting his fortune told and showing his teeth. Not sure what that was about.

You're witnessing a milestone here. Nina was pulling herself up in her crib.

The girls and I decided to have some lunch in between getting last minute details and notions for the costumes. I had a sewer's block on where to start with the trainer and pikachu costumes. So was Lucy...

The treats and crafts were flowing...Yes, I know...I'm slightly OCD!!!!!

Spooky Messages sent from abroad...thank you, P!

Lucy's fall carnival was the cutest. But, the "horse" station was the funniest. There was someone hiding inside the stable with its hand in a red sock pretending to be horse's tongue. The kids fed it carrots and it would come back out with a prize. They were so confused but cracked all the parents up!

And here we are...the pokemon trainer, pikachu princess, the strawberry, and strawberry farmer. I really wish there were more pictures of trick or treating and the block party but my extra set of arms haven't grown in. You just had to see Lucy in the yellow crocs and tail waving behind her as she went from door to door. The kids had so much fun and Cory woke the next morning wishing that Halloween happened several times a year. Who wouldn't love unlimited candy all year long!

The end.


  1. the feet photo is just lovely! you'd know i'd like that one;-)
    oxoxo, beck

  2. WOW...I love these. They are AWESOME. I like them all. I downloaded them so I can have them as wall pictures. Thanks Honey for keeping the blog up. I don't know how you find time. I love you and miss you...papo

  3. Hi, is me you mother in law, thanks for that wonderfull pictures; we are very proud about you, Love Mama....


Thank you.