someday my prince will come

if you haven't figure it out, military man has been missing for some time now. i miss him like crazy. it's not that i miss him like "i miss an extra set of hands to help out with the kids kind of way". after a while you get into a groove and it becomes easier to do it alone. I wouldn't say that you get used to, however, it gets easier. the kids get familiar with doing it mom's way with little resistance and i get creative with daily routine and learn to be flexible. the void is there, though. we all feel it. i miss him...miss him bugging me to make the bed because that's my least favorite thing to do, i miss him asking what's for dinner at noon shortly after having lunch, the snoring that serenades me five seconds his head hits the pillow, our daily routines. lastly, my most favorite, hearing the kids yell "daddy" and running to him as he opens the door after a long week of work. it's going to be a great homecoming.

we miss you...


  1. Hi honey, I love your posting. I tried leaving you a posting for the Poam but connectivity did not allowed it to go through. Thank you. I miss you guys also...there is no night that goes by without dreaming of your and the kids. I am currently listening to the ipod you gave me with all of your music. IT IS AWESOME...tell the kids daddy is coming home soon...by the way...email is down due to technical problems...it shoud be fix in a couple of days...I love you, papo

  2. Hi honey, you have not received an email from me because the email service on the shore site is down. Please coordinate with Teena Ladd and activate a phone tree to let everyone know. I miss you guys and te veo pronto...tu papo

  3. Hi guys is daddy...I miss you a lot and I will be home soon. I wanted to write these letters before disconnecting and going sinker!!!!besos a todos de papa...

  4. papo...do we really need to activate a phone tree message...she sent out an email. I hope that's not a direct order (hehehe) because i don't want to complicate things with the ladies in GA. it's been a tough weekend with the kids...the moods are high...can't wait for you to be home. love you!!!


Thank you.