Christmas Magic

Christmas time brings a sense of belief and wonder over everybody.  Here's a good example.

Jasper the elf has come back to visit. He makes sure that Santa gets daily updates on the munchkin's behavior. Everybody is just a little nicer around this time of year because Jasper is watching and reporting. And the funny thing is that the kids believe. It's wonderful...the magic of Christmas.

The idea isn't original. I'm sure that you've seen the boxed set in your neighborhood Hallmark or Barnes & Noble. You should see me trying to divert the kids attention when we're out shopping. It's hilarious! Our Jasper is my own less expensive version of the boxed set bought at Michael's on sale about three years ago. But he works wonders.

Here's some more Christmas magic on Picnik. These are the steps I took to make Jasper feel at home.

1. (under edit tab) Boosted color saturation to about 15%, and lowever the temperature to -16.

I boosted the color to really bring out the reds. Then decreased the temperature to bring out the blues and greens in the image. This also makes your whites, whiter and brighter, while lowering the warmth of the image. So, play with the temperature a bit. If you go to the right and raise the temp, you'll be raising the yellow, red, and orange hues of an image while sliding to the left and lowering the temp will raise the blues and greens producing a colder or fresh look.

2. (under create tab) Added snow and faded the effect to 50.

The snow was a big thick. I wanted to make it look like a sprinkle of snow not a blizzard.

This is the closest he'll get to snow in Florida.


  1. Cute!!!! Don't cause mischief, Jasper!

  2. just happened upon your blog and love it! i appreciate the photo editing tips and tidbits of mommy life. thanks for sharing!


Thank you.