The First Noel

True meaning of Christmas. 

There something about a baby that forces you to be still. Take time to reflect on what truly makes this season so special to you. 

Post your favorite Christmas memory. I'd love to read about it.


  1. Honey, there are a lot of awesome memories during Christmas. I can't say I have a favor one. But one that comes to mind is the one in Mystic, while it was snowing, Corin was already born. Our (BIG chistmas tree) was in the dining room. Remember the first one we cut ourselves. It barely fit in the room. The other one is when we got married in Norfolk sitting next to the fire place...lots of good memories...thank you...love you...tu papo

  2. The one in Norfolk is one of my favorite. I was just thinking about that one while decorating the tree this week. See you soon.

  3. I have tons of awesome Christmas memories....dancing to rockin around the christmas tree with my sister with the christmas tree skirts tied around our waists, the year I got married Dec. 30...so many. It's a great time of year. Liza, what is your flickr ID? Add us as a contact we are holtonfamily

  4. Every year Christmas is different, and every year we make new memories. My aunts and uncles are here for the winter and gather at my house now, and each year we adopt another new member to our gathering.

    The holiday now is so different that when I was a little girl in snowy New York. Christmas Eve was oyster stew and sandwhiches with maternal grandparents and my aunt. Christmas Day was mass at St. Stephens, dinner with grandma and grandpa again. Christmas night we went to my dad's side; my grandfather and uncle lived together in the old family homestead....13 aunts and uncles...46 first cousins...it was a huge, huge gathering, chaotic and wonderful. Those are classic Christmas memories.

  5. My parents, both artists, made such beautiful Christmases. They were always full of wonder. But I think my favorite memory is a very early one - we were still in Woodstock so I must have been about 3. It snowed a record amount the day before Christmas, and the town pretty much shut down. No one could get to work to open shops. The roads were deep under snow, unplowed still, so we decided to walk into town. The three of us went, hand in hand, bundled and mittened, walking down the middle of the snowbound streets. I remember how high I had to lift my little legs and how delightfully worn out I felt afterward. In town, all the lights were sparkling in trees and windows , but nothing was open...the streets magically still. Even the general store Houst's was closed, and I had wanted a coloringbook of Rudolf, so instead, when we got home, my father drew me one by hand.


Thank you.