girls in havana

Another birthday wish goes to my most loyal reader, my godmother Espi (on right). A classy lady who initiated the migration of my mother's family from Cuba. An ant-Castro, anti-revloutionary, anti-communist, elegant lady. Born in Havana, 1933.
She saw many changes in her country but most of all the fall of the golden age into a post revolutionary depression. My mother's family story is long. Documenting their journey to the states would fill a book. Esperperanza, or Espi, is the oldest of seven. Each brother and sister has their own perspective. Each illustrating their hardships, triumphs and assimiliation to a new culture.
So, let me start with her and give you a glimpse of what happened. She was the first one to leave with her husband, Jose, and his niece and nephew to Miami. All the while, persuading the rest of the family to begin the process to leave Cuba. Many were reluctant including my grandparents, so, sure that Castro was just a passing fad and that things would resume to normal. It wasn't until the tragic shooting of her brother that everyone decided to leave. Her tailoring skills paid their way out of the country also supporting her a wonderful life. She and my aunt Olga, also pictured, have influenced me in many ways. They gave me my first sewing kit, equipped with  notions, leaving me to my imagination. She was also the first one to put a pair of knitting needles in my hands, a skill that I wish I never let go.  Most, importantly she taught me loyalty to family and country as well as a good fashion sense and eye for design. We do love a fabulously designed and crafted piece of couture. Happy Birthday Espi. Now, will you post a comment?!!!!!


  1. Great story for a great Lady. Happy birthday Espy. I am sure you will post a comment after you bring the lake okechobee back to its level...Noel

  2. Dear Liza,
    I will tell you that you amaze me
    with your imagination, and your creativaty. It is somthing that I
    would never forget thank you for
    remembering my Birthday.
    I know that your got there in one
    piece so she is in heaven with the
    children, say hi to every body.
    So thank you again.
    Love Espy.
    December 20, 2008 609 Pm.


Thank you.