I'm Back and Armed with a New Toy

Apparently, I was a good girl this year because Santa brought me my latest new toy... the nikkor 85 mm. I've been playing with it and the shots are just wonderful. Super sharp! 

I'll be posting some new pics soon. Right now, we're still visiting family and today I'm taking care of the krewe and cousins. 


  1. Ok, so how do you like it? papo

  2. I love it, honey! Thank you!!!

  3. isn't awesome? one of my favorite lenses?
    hey--i'm starting a mini-workshop with lissette's crew in jupiter...wanna join us? it's geared towards new photog mommies armed with a d-slr camera. on location shooting at beach and lunch, too! the works!! can't wait! i will actually email you a flyer i just did for lissette.


Thank you.