A Christmas tradition for me was to shop at Bombay to add to my collection of european glass ornaments. Just one, maybe, two, but, alas, no longer...they're gone. I miss the Bombay Company. I'm suffering from ornament withdrawal this year.

They are so shiny and pretty. These are a few of my favorite things. Where can I find these again? Please help me somebody.

This is Dana. A tribute to my friend and neighbor, a Lutzite native. Our first year in Lutz, Dana had pointed out to me that about seven years ago our entire neighborhood, approximately 15 acres of land was a cow pasture. The whole area plus more was farmland. So, when I saw her (the cow ornament) at Bombay she was mine.

Oh, and let me introduce you to James her husband and another Tampa semi-native. They are the social couple of the community that are always getting people together and who invited me to the Guavaween Parade this year. They make a cute couple don't you think. 

More holiday traditions are coming soon and maybe a few new ones.  


  1. thanks for being my first follower! i too miss bombey, ours left this year; but your ornaments are forever memories. p.s. those cows are wild!!!

  2. I totally miss the Bombay! Why did they go away? My bedroom is from there and I had hoped to add more to it. Sigh....

  3. I collect european glass ornaments too, Liza! Another thing we have in common! My weakness has always been for Christopher Radko ornaments but they too, are hard to find now because the little specialty stores have closed down. Bombay was a great place too. I actually bought a couple "look-a-like" faux european glass ornies @ Kohl's today 60% off - shhhh, don't tattle! It will have to feed my addiction for now until I can find proper fuel.


Thank you.