You Are Special

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Is all the running around making you want to scream? I challenged you to find out what makes the holiday season special for you and want to thank those who took the time to share. Would love to hear some more, so, keep them coming.

Well, watching Punchinello break free from himself made for a refreshing break of the usual holiday rush. Punchinello is a character out of the puppet show that Lucy and I went to see last night. The show was an adaptation of Max Lucado's, You Are Special. It's a great children's book about how to let go of the labels that people attach to you and how they can really wear you down and hold you back. Basically, make you believe that you are something you are not.

Eli's Workshop, originally uploaded by lizabee & co..

We witnessed this little guy's transformation from a beaten down little Wemmick to one who broke free from the labels and believed that he was special because, well, Eli the puppet maker thought he was special enough for him to be created. This play put a little of God back into the season for our little family. As I hope that in whatever holiday tradition you follow you put back its true meaning.

This little moment was too precious to keep from posting. Lucy meets Lucia the puppet and heroine of the story. She was enchanted.

Merry holiday wishes and until next time.

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  1. Our little Lucia. The perfect name for a beautiful little girl. She is unique and she is our little angel. She brings happiness to our house. It is amazing how each kid is different from each other. Lucia is the one that will think of something to say or do in order to bring peace and smiles in the group. She did not stop talking about this show. Good job mom. Love papo


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