Mama said there will be days like these.

Envision a Pull-up floating in the pool. That sums up how the day went today. What a crazy day!


Wow, I'm a Princess

"Wow, I'm a Princess," she said as soon as she saw that bed with the canopy over it. You could hear it in her voice how special we made her feel. Lucy loves her new room and Noel and I loved fixing it for her. She plays and plays for hours. And I was worried that they would miss their play room.

Months 0-3

So my baby is growing up. We were content with our pair and thought we were finished or at least I was. The news was clear. I'm pregnant with my third. What a surprise. What to do? I accepted a job offer, Noel is commuting weekly to Georgia for work and I was left alone pregnant, working, carpooling and chaufering the other two. 

Now, moving forward. The emotions that were stirred up in me as I was moving her to the next stage were overwhelming. I couldn't control the tears. That is it, I am done. No more babies. While organizing her room I never thought that my reaction would be so strong. She's wonderful. All my kids are wonderful. Our family has grown.


Beach Bliss

The kids and I took a road trip to Kings Bay, GA to visit Noel after a month out at sea. Our reunion lead us to Fernindina Beach for Nina's first trip to the beach. The day was beautiful. It was reminiscent of the days at the beach with my family years ago. We had such a great time. I've never seen Cory so entertained. He absolutely loved the day. At the end of the day Lucy was pooped and a pro at jumping the waves. I love days like this!