Shh..Let's Keep It Between Us

The night is over. The kids are sleeping and I love that I did it alone. It's selfish, strange, whatever, but I am enjoying doing this solo. Some nights the frustration boils over into the blog and I will admit that out of sheer exhaustion I miss sharing parts of my day with other adults. But when it comes down to putting my babies to sleep...I love to do it alone. It such a tender moment. And I get to do it three times every night. Each moment is unique. Each child has a different need. They are relatively close in age. However, at their tender ages of six, three and seven months each child's night time ritual is different. The baby is easy. A bottle, some rocking and a kiss on her forehead and she is ready to be in her crib. She practically puts herself to sleep. Lucy will play a little then demands to be held until she falls asleep in my arms. Then Cory has to have a late night snack, watch TV, and he waits for me to finish with the younger two so that I can snuggle with him for five minutes or so before he fades into sleep. This is the best time of the day for us. He allows me to baby him while he tells me sweet anecdotes of his day. I soak it all up!


Navy Life...Anchors Away

Noel has to leave early this weekend...I think. His captain is pulling him away for some very official business that requires the input of the CO's Executive Officer...that would be Noel. And I'm typing from my new retreat. Our local library...a quiet place to collect my thoughts and recharge my mind. Doesn't sound too exciting to most people. But lately, this has been my happy place. Usually, it's a spa. But one must watch their pennies lately. If you haven't realized it or are in a state of denial, we are in a recession.This has been a tough year and it has tested our relationship to the max.
We're passing with flying colors, though. The best thing Noel and I have in common is that we go forward with the end goal in sight. Every time we have a bad day, a setback, we remind ourselves of all the sacrifices we've made and that the end result will be sweet. Retirement...sweet retirement from the Navy.
We've had it good for the most part and we always reward ourselves along the way. A road trip here and there, a great dinner, some local sight-seeing. We've always taken full advantage of our adopted communities, wherever we've been. Military life is hard enough. You can't live cooped up and watch every cent. One must take advantage of the resources around you and take advantage of all things local to make it through the rough patches. Recently for me it's been the library. All I need is some hot tea and life is complete.


Photo 101 - Depth of Field

Well, today it was about homework and family time. I started out the day playing junior monopoly with Cory and ended up in the pool early evening with Noel, Cory and Lucy. Somewhere, sprinkled in the day was time spent doing homework for my photo 101 class. My shots taken today are my homework assignment.
It was all about depth of field. Which is basically a huge review of fractions. It's very confusing, at first, and hard to grasp and I can say that our teacher, Chip... really explained it well and gave great examples. Another, great resource on photography in general is Me Ra Koh's photography blog. I love how generous she is with all the details of photography. She also has fantastic examples of how to use the different features of your SLR cameras to capture all sorts of shots. Thank you Me Rah! And then there's Becky...my favorite person to talk about photography. Another generous spirit who will stop what she's doing and answer any of my photography questions and who has inspired me to go somewhere with this. Thanks, Becky!

Since, I just love the blurred effect in background of objects I set the camera on aperture priority. I really did a lot of practice with a low aperture and used my 50mm Nikkor lense with F-stops as low as 1.8. The sharpness of the object in focus and the contrast with the blurred background really is AWESOME!!!
I love photography!


This too shall pass..this too shall pass...

Well, today has been one of those days. I'm irritable, tired and my joints hurt. I knew that this next year would be tough and my OCD is taking over. I really hate to complain because my life is good. Even with Noel traveling for work, I feel truly blessed. And no, not because he's away. This too shall pass...my latest mantra. I just wish I had all those around me that I love and cherish to share in my joy instead of getting a phone call from me from time to time when I need to vent. Those I do have around keep me busy and entertained, though. Lucy was playing Aurora today.

In any event, my photography class is going great! I absolutely love it. Who knows where this will lead? I'm letting serendipity take over. I love it when things magically fall into place. It's such a great feeling when I'm at a moment in which I know has transpired only after a series of unplanned, or better said, semi-planned events. Those are the moments of true bliss.

Now, I leave with this quote, said by a groom on his wedding day..."My life has always felt like a struggle with no peak. My journey has finally ended, I am at the top."


Feel Free to Leave Your Mark

Hello friends! Many of you have told me that you love my posts. So, don't be bashful leave your mark. Just click on the comments link under each post and drop me a line. 


Poema XV -- Pablo Neruda

Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente,
y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te toca.
Parece que los ojos se te hubieran volado
y parece que un beso te cerrara la boca.

Como todas las cosas están llenas de mi alma
emerges de las cosas, llena del alma mía.
Mariposa de sueño, te pareces a mi alma,
y te pareces a la palabra melancolía.

Me gustas cuando callas y estás como distante.
Y estás como quejándote, mariposa en arrullo.
Y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te alcanza:
déjame que me calle con el silencio tuyo.

Déjame que te hable también con tu silencio
claro como una lámpara, simple como un anillo.
Eres como la noche, callada y constelada.
Tu silencio es de estrella, tan lejano y sencillo.

Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente.
Distante y dolorosa como si hubieras muerto.
Una palabra entonces, una sonrisa bastan.
Y estoy alegre, alegre de que no sea cierto.



Well, I will admit that I am trying to gain more readers to my blog and have been happily subscribing to blog directories out there. But, I tell you what, there is a plethora. It's so easy to start cluttering one's site. So, I have halted the process and decided to stick to the quality of my posts and photography. However, if I do what the blog directories are advising me to do, I could possible have more readers but crappy posts. So, I'm sticking to my writing and photography. Time is something that is a running short around the beehive. My little bees need me and for that matter I need me, too.



Villefranche, France

Cassis, France

Calanque de Cassis, France

Villefranche, France

Nice, France

Going public is very out of character for me. Writing a blog, creating a profile, networking online, sharing pictures of myself and family was a big no-no in my world. But now it seems so easy and I feel very comfortable with it.

The latest is actually entering some of my pictures in an exhibition. I'm really proud of them and those in my tight circle have commented of my amateur talent. [Ah, that what hard to say...I'm usually very modest] But nevertheless, two of my shots are going to be exhibited at the Florida Museum of Photographic Art in Tampa. I'm very excited. Here are the entries and some of the others for consideration. They were taken on a trip to Europe last summer. One can never take a bad picture in Europe. Wish me luck!


Salmon Sundays

Hello everybody...I've returned after a short stay with family. Noel drove down from GA to visit the kids and I and his salmon sundays was moved to West Palm. What a treat! However, I wish I would have taken more pictures of the week because it was one of the most fun times I had back home in a while. The week started with play-dates with longtime friends, visits with my aunts, uncles and grandparents, fascinating presidential debates (secretly these were the most fun), shopping alone, cruising the seaside, and dancing. The kids had a great time with Abuelita and Noel and I even celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Congratulations, honey! We even had a second date night in a row. Now, that hasn't happened in about seven years. Thank goodness for family sitters. We needed that!