Happy Halloween

Serendipity is the art of making an unsought finding. -Pek Van Andel
This is a subject that I love to write about because you never know where life will lead you.

I was in a parade last night. Never in my life did think that I would be on a float waving to onlookers or better yet throwing beads from one. My local Lutzonian girlfriend, Dana, invited me to join her krewe as an honorary guest for Tampa's Guavaween Festival. It's a parade and festival that the city of Tampa puts out every year around Halloween.

Wow! Let me paint the picture for you. I was the thirteenth wheel of a group of thirtyplussomething couples dressed as gypsies in a colorfully tented two-story float wired with an excellent sound system. A recipe for a good time. The party started for us around 4pm and because most of us had wee ones, we were home before midnight to relinquish our sitters just before they turned back into pumpkins. During the eight hours, we danced, ate, and cheered each others great moves. Most of them resembling moves we did back in the eighties but nevertheless we made them look fresh and new. We were young again. Those kids that danced into the wee morning hours before we had to tend to pumpkins and seedlings. We visited and laughed with the other krewes just to be neighborly. The costumes and designs were amazing. I loved them all! Then it started...the parade.

We were called to ours posts minutes before we rolled down Ybor City Streets among the eager crowds hungry for beads. Frantic gypsies got their supplies ready while the caravan slowly rolled into action. We could hear them...the crowds calling for us and all the others...hands waving in the air, yelling, begging, pleading, and doing tricks for bits. We felt like rock stars. It spoiled me. I will never again be one of the crowd. It's so much better to give than to receive. We slowly rolled down Ybor sharing our wealth, then it came to an end. "Let's do it again," we pleaded. The moment passed and we wanted more. The leader instructed us to gather our belongings and de-float.

The tour was over but we weren't ready for the parade to be over. Reluctant gypsies with bags in tow, coupled, still high from the excitement rode off to the next destination where the night ended with a great dinner, more dancing and a toast to our wonderful hosts. Happy Halloween to All!


Project #1 -- Soles4Souls

Today, besides the cooking, laundry, vacuuming, toilet scrubbing, potty-wiping, bottle rinsing and eating bon-bons, I worked on making my first donation to Soles4Souls. Cory and Lucy's feet went through a major growth spurt and I had been keeping some of them for sentimental reasons.
The attachment one gets with certain things that the children wore or made can fill an infinite number of storage facilities. In my pledge to let go and go green, these shoes are going to a worthy cause and on the feet of a child that really can use item.
The process is easy...
1. gather your shoes (obvious step)
2. go to Soles4Souls website
3. click on your shoes to find location nearest you
4. fill out donor information form
5. send it to a distribution center or drop them off at participating locations in your area
6. pack and ship.

Here's to happy feet!


Isn't She Lovely

These are just a preview of all the shots that are being edited of Cory's last soccer season. It's a good thing that my copy of Photoshop Elements was purchased with a gift card because all I'm using is Picnik, My absolute favorite photo editing tool. I know I have raved about it before but it is the best for non-editor types, like me. It makes editing fun and easy. And I mean EASY!!!!! You have to try it!

Okay, enough of this little beauty from the side lines...here are some of the Gray Season featuring Cory...

For somebody who doesn't like editing, I had a lot of fun with the effects. Sorry, if I tell you then you won't be impressed.

We can't forget the assistant coach and assistant. Noel got to be a part of it even though, he was traveling back and forth from Georgia.


Please Read This...It re-Inspired Me

I truly believe in serendipity and this is one of my most recent serendipitous moments I wanted to share with you. Me Ra Koh is one of my favorite photographers and bloggers. Her shots and posts made me want to pick up the camera and I thank the heaven's that I stumble upon her blog months ago. This post is so relevant and reminds me of the beauty and role women have on society. Read on and enjoy....A Woman’s Power During Uncertain Finaincal Times


I Should Wipe Worry From My Vocabulary

Lucy is worrying me. She seems so sad lately. I'm not sure why but I have a hunch. She's realizing what her father does for a living and I feel she's not adapting well to preschool. It doesn't help that I feel that she hasn't clicked with her teacher and that the director is so unprofessional. (More on that later, after my conference with her.) I'm very tempted to withdraw her and just teach her the basics at home. She did just turn three about two months ago. I think I may be pushing it with all the changes around here.

I remember, now, how hard it was for Cory when we first moved to Tampa, the new school and Lucy's birth. He went through a huge attack against me. Lucy isn't quite on attack mode but she may need some mommy time all on her own. Nina takes a lot of my time and when Cory is home he is constantly fighting for my attention. He's good at shifting the focus on him. Between shifting my attention on him and the immediate attention that baby Nina needs, I physically see Lucy from the corner of my eye walk away with her shoulders slumped in disappointment. She went from being my baby to the middle child and I can't stand it! I should just go on my gut instinct and keep her home. There's nothing worse than always worrying about her when she's at school. Let me sleep on it...