i {heart} showers

{ 14 } i {heart} showers This off-center heart pops out every time I shower. I hope it doesn't have eyes.


Can I sleep with you mama?

{ 13 } can i sleep with you mama?

in general, my rule has always been to never let the children sleep with me. all the parenting books tell you not to, that it will create codependency and bad habits. however, lately, this rule has not been kept. the main reason is that i'm afraid that one day i will regret saying no all the time. i can't pass on moments like these, to be able to snuggle with my cute little cherubs from time to time is like heaven one earth. for now, it's sweet dreams for mama and lucy.


Sad little flowers

{ 12 } crape myrtle

This is a good representation of how i feel on Mondays. It's my least favorite day of the week since Military Man started his commute.

The picture of the crepe myrtle reminds me of the song, "One." It's alone and exposed, yet, strong enough to weather the storm. The poor is droopy and wilted waiting for the warmth to bring it back to life. On a brighter note, I am very pleased on how these shots came out. The plants and trees nearly froze over the other night. The poor things were almost shocked to death. I took this around six o'clock in the evening while I was calling for boy wonder to come home. We live in a rare neighborhood, where you can literally leave your kids outside playing without constant monitoring. Very little car traffic, basically, only the cars that of those that live here. It's gated and fenced, and thankfully, not a cookie-cutter home. The children ride their scooters, bikes, skates anything on wheels they have available until dark.

A great place to be.


Slow Sunday Morning

Nothing planned around here for a Sunday morning, just rest, relaxation, reflection and a good family meal together.

Have a wonderful Sunday.



On pointe
That's where I want to go,
Poised upon one magic toe,

Not a wobble, not a lurch,
Still as statues in a church.
Arms raised high and eyes cast low,
Dressed in feathers white as snow,
Not a flicker, not a shake,
Motionless beside the lake.
Round about the stage I'll glide
While the moonlit cygnets hide,
Not a stumble, not a sway,
I'll be there ON POINTE some day।
-Clare Bevans


Lucy Plays Soccer

{ 9 } lucy plays soccer

for the first time. There is something about the expression on her face. Her mind is focused on the player in front of her, yet, not quite sure what her next move should be. Nevertheless, she's strategizing.

She's making her daddy proud...and me, too.


{ 8 } You Got My Attention

As I was dropping boy wonder to religion classes, there were several signs that read like this...



will happen

by the time

you are finished 

with mass

{ 8 } Something Happened On the Way to Class

205 small crosses lay on church property. Fabulous shock-value. Now, if I never would have accepted this photo challenge this image would have been lost in my memory. Usually, the images I choose are made to highlight something positive during my day, however, this satisfied the pseudo-photojournalist in me. 

I leave you to your own conclusions...it left me speechless. 


It's the Power of All, Not One

{ 7 } sky Responsibility does not only lie with the leaders of our countries or with those who have been appointed or elected to do particular job. It lies with each of us individually.
Peace, for example, starts within each one of us.
When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us.
-Dalai Lama
God, helps those that help themselves. -Ben Franklin
It's inaugural day in the US and most are watching the traditions and historical significance surrounding a day like today. A day of jubilation for our African American friends and rejuvenation for our Democrat brothers and sisters. Thousands are relying on our newly elected leaders for all the answers. However, we ultimately have the power to clean up our mess.


At my desk

Spent a good amount of time behind my desk today catching up on emails, posts, and comments. This was my view. I can dream up other views I'd like to see from behind my desk. Any suggestions?


Birthday Dreams

Birthday Dreams, originally uploaded by lizabee & co..Spent a wonderfully exhausting day in Disney World celebrating birthdays. Happy Birthday to my Military Man and neice! Now, time for bedtime dreams... ps. I have learned that my white balance was off in this picture. It's much too yellow. If I knew more about white balance when I took this picture, I would have compensated for that.


Chips & salsa

chips & salsa, originally uploaded by lizabee & co..

Why can't I say no to these? There's never room for the entree after the second basket. Yet, I still manage to stuff my face with these before the meal comes. Can you say, no?

Sorry, the posts have been short the last couple of days, however, I am committed to the 365 photo challenge. Hope you're enjoying the pictures. It will be interesting to see my first month in pictures. And to think that I sometimes feel that I never do anything.

By the way, if you're wondering what I'm shooting with, well, the 85mm is still on my camera and the images are being sharpened a bit on picnik before posting. Becky over at secret garden photography suggested it to me and I've been thanking her every chance I get. It's a fabulous lens.


Winter fun

In Florida Winter fun is basically playing dress up. So, I dusted off the muff, a vintage piece, and let wonder girl play with it for awhile. Beats shuffling snow but not as fun as sledding.

Keep warm my fellow bloggers from the North.


Play Ball

I just experienced my worst nightmare. What was supposed to be an evening of leisure with my son has left me heartbroken...shaken to my core. We just came home from baseball tryouts. Laugh, if you must, but, what I witnessed tonight really bothered me. Let the images flow through you as I describe what happened.

We arrived about ten minutes late to the event, an unfortunate byproduct of the military lifestyle, due to a series of mishaps with the girls minutes before dropping them off to the sitter. As we approached the fields, he noticed that the tryouts had started and immediately felt nervous, afraid that he has missed his opportunity to be on a team. I had to reassure him that he'd play on a team, this was just a formality and a way to meet the coaches. There was no meeting. Very little explanation. No friendly hello.

We arrived and the boy was the last in line, I again felt crushed for him, feeling guilty that I could have made more of an effort to be on time. Approaching the line, we see other eager players anxiously waiting their turn. But what disturbed me the most was the crowd on the other side of the field. A line of middle aged, clipboard toting neanderthals watching these young boys from behind home plate...watching and writing notes on the reactions of these sweet seven year old boys, just wanting to play ball. If that wasn't enough there was a woman videotaping it all. I wanted to scream! Where have I brought my child? How did organized child's play get so out of hand? What would possess these men to do such a thing?

I'm looking at my son, standing there among all these new faces trying to make his place. You know that feeling of trying to fit in. From behind the fence, I can see the look of wonder and excitement in his face, anticipating his performance at his turn. God, bless the innocence of youth. He turns to me and says, "Mom, this line is long. It's going to take forever." I tell him, "There's a lot of waiting in baseball. Just watch the other boys and do your best." Well, the gods must have been looking down at us because his name was called just five minutes of us standing there. With the call of his name and his small victory, he caught two of the three fly balls, my guilt melted away.

The tryouts proceeded with other tests for the boys...grounders, swinging and running to base. The neanderthals continued to scratch away on their clipboards. What could they be possibly saying about these boys? That's what gets me the most.

Where have the days of playing a round of pick up ball with friends and pretending to play as the pros gone? Again, I say, organized child's play has gotten out of hand. Let the kids be kids, grown-ups!


Dots & Prints

The girls & I had a wonderful time at the park today. Day 2 of my project 365 challenge. It's fun taking my camera and shooting random things during my day. I guess that there will be more than one a week to preview.


Midnight Post

#1, originally uploaded by lizabee & co..

As if I don't have enough to do, I joined a flickr group that challenges it's members to post a picture daily. Here's my first taken at midnight. Boy Wonder is for sure going to tease me about this new project of mine. Lately, every time I pick up the camera he asks, "Mom, are you going to put this on your blog." It's good for him to see that I have interests other than laundry, cooking and cleaning.

I'll be posting my favorite of the week here for you to see.

Ay, what have I started. Wish me luck!

What a Novel Idea

To think that I had to look to a fashion magazine or Hollywood, for that matter, for sound financial advice. Now, really people isn't this what most of us do anyways? 

I know that I'm always in search of a great deal and when found, the news is spread to all. In spanish we have a saying, "Tiene que tener los tres b's...bueno, bonito, y barato." Which literally translates to, "It has to have the three b's...good, good-looking and cheap." It doesn't have the same impact in English but you get the idea. 

So, my very own english version would be, "it has to have the three b's, a bargain basement beauty."  Maybe the phrase will catch on but you heard it on lizabee & company, first. 

Now, have fun looking for your three b's, which, in plain English...

bargains, bargains, and bargains!

project 365-ish

My goal is to take a photo-a-day and blog to tell you about them... yeah, right! Who am I kidding? And to those who know me, well, who are laughing in their seats. Okay, stop...now...no, really, stop! Here's my attempt to take a picture a day and challenge my photographic skills. Create, I must. Scrap-booker, painter, knitter, seamstress, i'm definitely NOT. Although, I do possess those skills and have the tools to prove it. In my alternative world, I'm the perfect seamstress, baker, cook, and keep all our memories in a beautifully archived and award winning scrapbook. In the real world, I blog and blog and blog. I have found my creative outlet and way to archive our life without breaking the bank. LOVE IT! Hope you enjoy my sweet attempt to document my world.


King of the Bongo

Cast your votes...
Ballot #1

The first and original version is by Manu Chao. Manu Chao, born José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao a French-born singer and political activist of Spanish (Galician-Basque) origin. He sings mainly in Spanish, French and English and occasionally in a number of other languages. Chao began his musical career with Hot Pants, a French band that combined several musical styles and languages. The musician then founded the band Mano Negra with several friends in 1987, becoming a solo artist after it disbanded. [wikipedia]
He's one of our recent favorite around the hive and first introduced to us my lovely and eccentric sister-in-law. Thank you. There is just something about the emotion that I hear in his voice. It's like a combination of melancholy and hope. In my opinion, a naughty boy who's trying to be good.
Other favorites of Chao's
1. Clandestino 2. La Vida Tombola 3. Je Souviens-tu 4. Me llaman Calle
Ballot #2

The second version is sung by Robbie Williams a Grammy-Winning British Pop Artist and eye candy. He entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most selling concert tickets in one day. His 2006 tour sold 1.6 million tickets on one day. A quite impressive cutie!

What do you think...who is the King of Bongo?


An Interview of a Desperate Housewife

My blog friend at Willow Manor has just recently been interviewed. Being the generous spirit, she wanted to return the favor to her bloggie friends. Never did I imagine that when I joined the blogosphere someone would agree to interview me. It's all very exciting. Well, here goes...

1. The photos on your blog are lovely. What kind of camera do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D50 and alternate between my 50mm and 85mm lenses. Two great lenses that are very sharp and have great depth of field, which, translates to sharp foregrounds and blurry backgrounds. We got the camera two Christmases ago because my husband was the photo enthusiast. I used to be a very big fan of the point and shoot cameras because of their portability and their ease of use. In fact, I used to say that I would never use the Nikon. Well, you know what they say "never say never" because now I can't live without it and keep looking for new lenses and tips to improve my shots.

2. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

This is a tough question. What comes first to mind is my family and husband but what else would a stay at home mom say. However, the biggest accomplishment, so far, is surviving this last duty station. Military Man and I are living the geo-bachelor lifestyle right now, which means that he lives and works in GA during the week while the kids and I stay behind in FL. We've been doing this for close to two years right now and its been the topic of several blog posts. We have about five months to go. But who's counting?!

3. Aside from your loved ones, what is your most treasured possession?

I come from an immigrant family who didn't provide us with a trust. ha-ha! So, what I treasure the most is the few family photos that have been passed down to me by my grandmothers. I just love to imagine their lives back when they were young girls, mothers and wives. Right when I start complaining about the hundreds of things that I have to do to keep my house flowing, I think of them and how they had to do many things by hand. There were no microwaves, dryers or take-outs for them.

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My OCD tendencies. It's hard to keep my space as tidy as it used to be before living with four other people! This comes from the only child in me, I think.

5. Before blogging, what, if any, was your main mode of personal expression?

Writing, I kept and still keep a journal for my most personal thoughts and memories. It houses some of my poems and short essays about life and such. I also love music and miss my piano. I studied classical piano for six years as a young girl and miss the hours of practice at the keyboard. It used to take me to another place. A good concert still does.

Well, there you have it my first interview. Thanks again to Willow. You ROCK!

Part of the deal of being interviewed was to invite you, my readers to be interviewed. Just post "Interview Me" in my comments with your email for your chance to be famous!


last christmas

I felt a small knot in my throat all day today. Mostly, because as I was taking down the last of my Christmas decorations, I knew that it would be the last christmas we would celebrate in this home and in Florida, for that matter.

last christmas, originally uploaded by lizabee & co..

Depressing...I know. This post is a bit of a downer, my dear bloggy friends but this is something that we as a military family face from duty station to station. I kept thinking of all the great memories that we've had in this house, like, bringing our third baby home. How the top of boy wonder's head just barely grazed the kitchen counter when we first moved here and which now rests his chin. Girl wonder learned to walk and talk here and her little head, now, grazes the counter. Finally, baby Nina is in the crawling stage and will be walking before we leave. Our children will miss the freedom they have in this neighborhood to roam and play as they do. So, will I.

We've been lucky to have found this little slice of paradise behind the gates of our small community. I will cherish the precious moments.


cuba que linda es cuba

In a cuban frame of mind today. I just love this.

If the new administration is bent on change, I hope that they banish the embargo. We've proved a point, close to 50 years of a point that we believe in democracy. However, if we can do business with China then it's time we open relations with that beautiful little island just 90 miles south of us.


The Promise of a New Year

The New Year always begins with a self evaluation of sorts. I think of the things that I did in the past and promise to leave bad habits behind. Not just the ones that we always promise oursleves to stop, like poor diet, lack of exercise and procrastination but the ambitious ones that are a bit unrealistic to achieve. I frequently give myself unrealistic goals, in which, I don't set specific times to work on. Mostly, because I am focused on my role as primary caretaker of three beautiful small children and wife to an uber ambitious military man. Yet, time for myself is put to the side, except here, at lizabee & company. A place where I've met a number of bloggy friends that have embraced my quirky side and encourage me to be more productive. Thank You!

It's hard to believe that it will be almost a year since I began this blog, which was simply to post pictures of the kids for military man and friends. This world of blogging has caused me to revisit my artistic side, dust of my writing skills and open up in ways that I would have never imagined. I've picked up my camera and actually learned how to use it. Military man doesn't even recognize me anymore. He's amazed on how I've embraced the digital world and found a new focus. It's allowing me to write; something that I have missed terribly since I was first encouraged to read my creations by my second grade teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, to our little class and since my third semester in college. I've missed doing the research and the challenge of conveying my ideas on print.

I have new dreams and goals, some of which have to do with my background in education but mostly with me. The adventurous and spontaneous me that I've left behind.

Being a fan of proactive resolutions, this year's resolution is clear. To live my life simply and to continue to create.