An Interview of a Desperate Housewife

My blog friend at Willow Manor has just recently been interviewed. Being the generous spirit, she wanted to return the favor to her bloggie friends. Never did I imagine that when I joined the blogosphere someone would agree to interview me. It's all very exciting. Well, here goes...

1. The photos on your blog are lovely. What kind of camera do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D50 and alternate between my 50mm and 85mm lenses. Two great lenses that are very sharp and have great depth of field, which, translates to sharp foregrounds and blurry backgrounds. We got the camera two Christmases ago because my husband was the photo enthusiast. I used to be a very big fan of the point and shoot cameras because of their portability and their ease of use. In fact, I used to say that I would never use the Nikon. Well, you know what they say "never say never" because now I can't live without it and keep looking for new lenses and tips to improve my shots.

2. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

This is a tough question. What comes first to mind is my family and husband but what else would a stay at home mom say. However, the biggest accomplishment, so far, is surviving this last duty station. Military Man and I are living the geo-bachelor lifestyle right now, which means that he lives and works in GA during the week while the kids and I stay behind in FL. We've been doing this for close to two years right now and its been the topic of several blog posts. We have about five months to go. But who's counting?!

3. Aside from your loved ones, what is your most treasured possession?

I come from an immigrant family who didn't provide us with a trust. ha-ha! So, what I treasure the most is the few family photos that have been passed down to me by my grandmothers. I just love to imagine their lives back when they were young girls, mothers and wives. Right when I start complaining about the hundreds of things that I have to do to keep my house flowing, I think of them and how they had to do many things by hand. There were no microwaves, dryers or take-outs for them.

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My OCD tendencies. It's hard to keep my space as tidy as it used to be before living with four other people! This comes from the only child in me, I think.

5. Before blogging, what, if any, was your main mode of personal expression?

Writing, I kept and still keep a journal for my most personal thoughts and memories. It houses some of my poems and short essays about life and such. I also love music and miss my piano. I studied classical piano for six years as a young girl and miss the hours of practice at the keyboard. It used to take me to another place. A good concert still does.

Well, there you have it my first interview. Thanks again to Willow. You ROCK!

Part of the deal of being interviewed was to invite you, my readers to be interviewed. Just post "Interview Me" in my comments with your email for your chance to be famous!


  1. Thank you so much, Liza! Well done! I enjoyed getting to know you through this interview. I also added your blog link to my completed interview post. :)

  2. Liza - I am in awe of what you do. I truly get teary when I read accounts by military wives - you are a special breed. Thank you for your brand of service.
    And - I LOVE that chubby little hand !

  3. Thanks for giving us a snippet of your life, Liza. And thanks to Willow, too.

  4. The picture of that baby hand is just scrumptious! I'm glad that Willow asked about your photos, because you have a real talent in that direction. (I NEVER took photos until I got into blogging. I'm still point and shoot, though.)

    Greetings and commiseration from a desperate English housewife and occasional work widow

  5. Okay, I'll play along--interview me.

    I appreciate the sacrifices you're making as a military wife and mom!


Thank you.