last christmas

I felt a small knot in my throat all day today. Mostly, because as I was taking down the last of my Christmas decorations, I knew that it would be the last christmas we would celebrate in this home and in Florida, for that matter.

last christmas, originally uploaded by lizabee & co..

Depressing...I know. This post is a bit of a downer, my dear bloggy friends but this is something that we as a military family face from duty station to station. I kept thinking of all the great memories that we've had in this house, like, bringing our third baby home. How the top of boy wonder's head just barely grazed the kitchen counter when we first moved here and which now rests his chin. Girl wonder learned to walk and talk here and her little head, now, grazes the counter. Finally, baby Nina is in the crawling stage and will be walking before we leave. Our children will miss the freedom they have in this neighborhood to roam and play as they do. So, will I.

We've been lucky to have found this little slice of paradise behind the gates of our small community. I will cherish the precious moments.


  1. This was our last Christmas here, and I must say I'm grateful, lol! Maybe I'll miss it once we're gone but I'm excited to move on!

    It is a bit sad that CT is where we became a family of 3, bet we always have the memories, I guess.

    I love the green Christmas balls and starfish! So.... Florida! :)

  2. Lovely pix!

    I would love to interview you, but need to have your email address to send the questions. :)

  3. What a lovely slice of your life you have given us this time. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. awwwww! don't worry--your crazy traveling buddies will visit you no matter what part of the world;-) life is hard and beginings are scary. after you begin your new adventure--i know you will make your plce a home and will have support from your family and friends...chin up! it will all work out and you can document all life chages with your camera and let us all peak in!!

  5. I've loved reading your blog and seeing your photos . My husband was RAF and I was WRAF so I know what you mean about loving a place and then moving on . C'est la vie !!!
    The next place may be even more wonderful - wait and see . Do you know where it might be next ?

  6. Hi Jan, Unfortunately not yet. The navy moves slowly and when it comes to orders the final destination is the last thing we know. We always know the timeframe well in advance. The preliminary talks have put us in either Hawaii or Naples, Italy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Italy.

    Trust me you guys will find out.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hey Liza.
    I genuinely like your blog. Some of your photos are simply amazing, just as these two here.
    I have photography as a hobby also, and I`m really glad that I came across your site.

    Colin, a fellow blogger stopping by the 1st time.


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