project 365-ish

My goal is to take a photo-a-day and blog to tell you about them... yeah, right! Who am I kidding? And to those who know me, well, who are laughing in their seats. Okay, stop...now...no, really, stop! Here's my attempt to take a picture a day and challenge my photographic skills. Create, I must. Scrap-booker, painter, knitter, seamstress, i'm definitely NOT. Although, I do possess those skills and have the tools to prove it. In my alternative world, I'm the perfect seamstress, baker, cook, and keep all our memories in a beautifully archived and award winning scrapbook. In the real world, I blog and blog and blog. I have found my creative outlet and way to archive our life without breaking the bank. LOVE IT! Hope you enjoy my sweet attempt to document my world.

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