The Promise of a New Year

The New Year always begins with a self evaluation of sorts. I think of the things that I did in the past and promise to leave bad habits behind. Not just the ones that we always promise oursleves to stop, like poor diet, lack of exercise and procrastination but the ambitious ones that are a bit unrealistic to achieve. I frequently give myself unrealistic goals, in which, I don't set specific times to work on. Mostly, because I am focused on my role as primary caretaker of three beautiful small children and wife to an uber ambitious military man. Yet, time for myself is put to the side, except here, at lizabee & company. A place where I've met a number of bloggy friends that have embraced my quirky side and encourage me to be more productive. Thank You!

It's hard to believe that it will be almost a year since I began this blog, which was simply to post pictures of the kids for military man and friends. This world of blogging has caused me to revisit my artistic side, dust of my writing skills and open up in ways that I would have never imagined. I've picked up my camera and actually learned how to use it. Military man doesn't even recognize me anymore. He's amazed on how I've embraced the digital world and found a new focus. It's allowing me to write; something that I have missed terribly since I was first encouraged to read my creations by my second grade teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, to our little class and since my third semester in college. I've missed doing the research and the challenge of conveying my ideas on print.

I have new dreams and goals, some of which have to do with my background in education but mostly with me. The adventurous and spontaneous me that I've left behind.

Being a fan of proactive resolutions, this year's resolution is clear. To live my life simply and to continue to create.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Greetings from London.

  2. I like it. I apologize in public for being an "uber ambitious man" honey. I sometime do not realize how much this could turn a "simple" life into a challenging and undoable task. You are super mom. 2008 was a year of hard work and not a lot of help from me since I was away during all weekdays and sometimes even longer. Thank you. 2009 could bring a lot of challenges as well since we will be moving...new place, new schools, new friends....but I wish and hope that at least one thing does not change is my new techy wife...I love you new profession...I love the blog, the pictures, the writing...I only wish that I can join you more often...I love you, your husband...


Thank you.