What a Novel Idea

To think that I had to look to a fashion magazine or Hollywood, for that matter, for sound financial advice. Now, really people isn't this what most of us do anyways? 

I know that I'm always in search of a great deal and when found, the news is spread to all. In spanish we have a saying, "Tiene que tener los tres b's...bueno, bonito, y barato." Which literally translates to, "It has to have the three b's...good, good-looking and cheap." It doesn't have the same impact in English but you get the idea. 

So, my very own english version would be, "it has to have the three b's, a bargain basement beauty."  Maybe the phrase will catch on but you heard it on lizabee & company, first. 

Now, have fun looking for your three b's, which, in plain English...

bargains, bargains, and bargains!

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