Frosty Morning

{ 24 } frosty morning
So, i thought the sprinklers were on this morning when i saw the frozen water drops perfectly arched on our screeened lanai. Florida's versions of icicles. This is the typical of the weather here. We'll be warm and frost free for weeks ahead. Thanks goodness and please keep warm.


  1. Your babes look really cute and I love your photographs.A lot of people would walk right by those screens and never see the beauty.

  2. I agree with Marc. A lot of people, including your husband, would walk through there and did not realize nature's beautiful things...keep it coming honey I have made looking at your blog part of my daily routine...Noel

  3. Thank you Marc! Isn't this what all the blogging is all about? To stop for a moment and take notice of beautiful things or subjects that matter to you.


Thank you.