happy anniversary

lizabee & co. turns 1 today. 
i'm so proud...YeA, me for keeping up with it and if you know me, personally, you know that i get bored easily. somehow my interests have been kept.
perhaps, it's all those who have commented, visited and inspired me along the way. Over 5000 hits....Thank you!
we took this picture on the med cruise while celebrating our 10th anniversary. isn't he dreamy
if you're wondering where we kept the kiddos, they're with grandma, except the baby. She's still in the oven. 


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congratulations honey...I am extremely proud of you. What most of the readers don't know is that you kept up with it on top of being alone during the weekdays and some weekends. I can't thank you enough for the huge sacrifice you have done in the last two years with me been in Georgia and providing very little help with the bambinos...love you...tu papo

  3. great pictures.....i like the postcard borders. I wish we can go back to France! Happy anniversary!!!!! Keep those pictures coming and your wonderful writing. Love, Mom

  4. Feliz Aniversario! May your hubby and you celebrate many more!

    Greetings from London.

  5. hey girl! happy anniversary. i left you a message back last week...tag. you're it! lol!
    we need to catch up in person. this phone crap is nuts. we are obviously busy bees. little junior is kicking and moving like crazy! 6 more weeks!!! yeah!

  6. Yes, the hubby is handsome...but you are freakin' GORGEOUS!!! You need to change that profile pic so we can see more of your beautiful face!!!! Happy anniversary!!!

  7. okay, now I'm blushing. Thanks Tanya.

  8. Pretty Lady! What a great picture!

    Congrats on your bloggy anniversary! For some reason I realized that I never added your url to my favorites list, but now I did,and I can stalk you any time! I'm LOVING your photography. I wish you were closer,I'd hire you to do some of Noah and I!!!


Thank you.