i {heart} valentines

We just came back from a great and unplanned trip to amelia island. the best trips are the spontaneous ones, as far as i'm concerned. i {heart} valentines Noel was the acting captain on the sub and had to stay local which means that mad mommy packed at the end of the week (friday to be exact) to be able to leave on saturday afternoon. realistically, the packing led into saturday and we left early saturday evening after a day of soccer, ballet and little league baseball opening ceremonies. it was touch and go. i almost didn't make it. however, boy wonder came to the rescue when he dragged one of our stools to the kitchen sink so that he could help me with the dirty dishes. he wanted so badly to see his daddy. needless to say, i pulled it all together and got everything packed and off we went to our favorite place in north florida....amelia island plantation. it was absolutely fabulous. it is more than a resort it is a community. the resort community is spread out over hundreds of acres with a golf course, walk and bike trails, spa, restaurants, shops, and vacation homes & rentals on the beach. if you ever make it to the spa, ask for jordan...she is absolutely the best. my biggest mistake this time around was forgetting to ask for her. someone else did my massage and it was not the same experience...a bit unpleasant. apparently, she was a part-timer and only called when they are over booked. i made sure to let them know i was not satisfied this time around and guess what...they comped the service. "ask and you shall receive," is my new motto. when i walked into the door of our room, i was greeted with this sweet arrangement. the sign i added later. however, the first place i ran to and locked the door was the shower. i let the water soak up a week's worth of exhaustion. once, relaxed and refreshed, i soaked in the beauty of the place. and the kitchen, which, was slightly used because we had a fair share of room service and meals out on the property. As you can see i really loved the place and loved it even more because it was free of clutter, toys and folded laundry on the counters. I'm looking forward to stay in the same room for our next visit. we, also, decided to rent bikes this weekend and trekked for miles. It was exhausting, fun and frustrating all at once. The trails were winding and hilly under these beautiful oak trees. The bike paths lead us through the golf courses, the amelia river and the ocean. once we worked up an appetite, the local deli had a hearty lunch waiting for us, then, we made a tearful goodbye. We hated to leave him, especially, after this great little surprise getaway. This was our first stop on day one of our biking adventure. there were only two days of cycling through the wooded trails, which is good for this inexperienced cycler. He such a gentleman even with walking stick in hand. Noel was having so much fun that he allowed himself a little shadow...i liked the rugged look.

Wonder girl loved her lunch of applesauce, crackers and chocolate ice cream. I think it was the ice cream that made her so happy. I {heart} valentines Lucy...as sassy as ever. I was trying to get boy wonder to smile but got a funny face, instead. he was tired and not looking forward to leave his dad. goodbye amelia island plantation...tomorrow is another day!


  1. AWWWWWWWWWW!! I'm so jealous...A) y'all are not bundled up in heavy winter coats like us and B) that we NEVER stayed there in the 2.5 years we lived there...booooooo. Oooh...I should've recommended some places for y'all to eat!! Great job, Super Mommy/Wife for packing everyone up and traveling to AI to see the Hubby/Daddy!!!

  2. Thank you! I should have remembered to drop you a line before I left, but, it was crazy before I left. thanks for stopping by.

    greetings from florida!

  3. Super mom!!!! Sometimes I wonder how can you manage to do everything you do...your are a wonderful Mother! I hope I get to see this beautiful place. I miss you all and see you soon....Love Mom


Thank you.