i interrupt the yellow week with a Giveaway

i've been a busy blogger and net surfer the last few days. guess, i'm just missing the mr., see you home soon, mi amor.

i stumbled upon a sweet site powered by susie, a girl who happens to be from a small town near and dear to me in south florida...jupiter to be exact. i lived in juno (yes, it is a town), graduated from the neighboring high school. even though, i lived there only two years of my life with dad, i can't get it out of my heart. it has such a low-key atmosphere that has gotten under my skin. me and the mister talk about moving back there someday, we'll see. we just love it and the family would be very close.

well, back to the giveaway...this great girl is giving away these cute little signs with a verse of your choice. if you're a little bit preppy or know someone who would love these, check her work out. it's rather darling.

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