this is a test post...check back in a little while

{ 15 } concert by the bay

under construction for a little bit. i'm playing with codes, again. now, i'm obsessed with enlarging my photos. i'm almost there!


  1. I never thought you would ever say that you are into coding...WOW!!! may be a little bit of me has rub off on you...looking great keep it up honey...love you. Noel

  2. I *heart* your photos!! Your children are beautiful! Hope all is well! There's a possibility that they might send the Hubs in your hubby's neck of the woods...because apparently no one thought it'd be smart to pull a WEPS from one of the boats down there! HAHAHAHA. nice.

  3. The large photo is great! I'm soooo terrible at HTML codes. You'll have to show me how when you've got it mastered!


Thank you.