mediterranean doors

I promised another theme week and this one is all my own. since, erin over at house on hill road finished yellow week and has moved on to her sewing projects. as lovely as they are, and i do sew, i will not be previewing my lovely notions or textile projects. oh, no, no, no...instead, i will be giving you mediterranean week.

a move in the beehive is pending and our detailer is still working on military man's orders. from what we've been told the world is at our disposal but not our current duty station and we are having mediterranean dreams. our last real vacation was on a med cruise and would love to be back on a full-time basis, who wouldn't? i would love to see more pictures of europe so that we can dream together and give us some more options when our detailer asks us where we would like to go. please join in on my flickr group, stationed abroad, and once you join in, drop me comment so that i can add your link.

so, here goes...my french door series.
what's behind french door #1...

villefranche, france

this one is timeless, n'est pas?

door #2
my absolute favorite of this series. this door is iconic europe...aged and with character.

villefranche, france

door #3
a french door taken quickly on a trolley tour through nice.

french door

door #4
also taken on the same trolley tour through nice. the graffiti on this door gives this an urban chic laissez-faire feel. so, french.


door #5
this is last door taken from the same "nice" tour. i was, obviously, on a door kick.


door #6
this petite shop out of villefranche, a quaint little seaside town in france, was closed when we returned from our boat tour. we took a relaxing tour from this ville that took our breath away. there will be more posts of this town later this week; it was our favorite place on the french mediterranean....extremely laid back and low-key.

french door

au revoir, mes amis!


  1. gorgeous shots - I did the same quite a few years ago with doors in Mexico - lots of great colors!!!

  2. as always, all of them are fabulous

  3. I loved this post. Gorgeous images. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. These pictures make se want to hop on a plane immediately!!! You take beautiful pictures!


Thank you.