on the radio

one thing i remember of my childhood was cleaning with mom on the weekends. however, it wasn't just any old boring saturday with a dust rag in one hand and a bottle of pledge in the other. it was dusting to disco. 

my mother was a child bride and working single mother, so, disco played in the background while we were doing our chores. our intermission involved learning some disco moves while mom was perfecting her style for that evening's night at the marrakesh, a local hot spot. dusting to disco was fun and made the mundane less painful. 

now, my children probably won't have many memories of cleaning on saturday mornings because i vowed that all cleaning and household duties will be done during the week. however, often, times i wonder...what will they remember?


  1. Sounds like a fun memory!

    I always wonder that too--what will stick and what won't. Right now, with her being so little, none of it will, and that's weird too, that they mean so much to me and she'll never be able to recall them.

  2. Cory always talks about his mommy taking him to baseball and the "green park"...Lucia can't say and little one probably "press play" in our dvd player in the car...love you Noel

  3. beautiful and wonderful memories...dancing with you to disco music! happy times, making the best of things. Love, Mom


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