postcards from abroad

day two of mediterranean week, 
the blue series

blue postcards
calanques de cassis, france
taken on a boat tour that ships out of villefranche.

blue postcards
wonder girl, age2, outside seaside shops in porto rotondo, italy.

as the wife of a submariner, you get a lot of correspondence and phone calls from the mediterranean. my favorite phone call home was during military man's first med run. we were living in virginia, beach at the time. it was late in the evening, sometime in the spring, i think (it's been over ten years since the first one) and it was a hard day at work for me and a typical slushy april. i was teaching high school spanish at the time. so, i get a ring from my prince charming...

after, the initial i miss you's and i love you's, the conversation went something like this...

mm: "cookie, i miss you...i wish you were here."
me:  " aw, me, too. how are you guys? are you all right? where are you guys, now."
mm:  "we're in the most AWESOME place. it's called st. tropez. have you ever heard of it?"
me:  [jaw to the floor] "what do you think, i was born under a rock or something!....*&%$!!!!"

yes, one mustn't feel, too, sorry for the boys in blue under the sea. when they come up for air they occasionally have the privilege of visiting places like this. 

blue postcards
porto rotondo & porto cerbo, respectively.

blue postcards
la madalena

blue postcards

nice, france

fast forward 14 years later....military man wanted our family med cruise to include some of the places he visited while in the tube. he kept telling me he wanted to take me to the places he sailed through before and, to say "i am glad we made it," would fall short for how i feel about the whole experience. it was absolutely breathtaking. most of the time i was speechless. i was surrounding by so much beauty and understand why so many come back. still, can't feel too sorry for him, except for the sleeping arrangements and the time away from the family...six months is a long time.


  1. WOW...I will never forget that time either when I asked the "stupid" question. Sorry honey...the pictures are great and make me want to drop everything and go back to the med with you guys and not inside the black "pipe...love you...

  2. Awwwwww...thanks for sharing! Now I know where the Hubs went and I too don't feel as bad...hahahaha. JK...they barely had any port calls since it was post 9/11...but still...NICE!!! The photos make me itchy to travel!!


Thank you.