a teaching moment

remember, when i was on a photo enlargement rampage. well...if you're wondering how the images grew here are the steps.  first, i upload my pictures to flickr. i have become a flickr fanatic. love the stuff! it provides me to a direct link to my pictures. many photo sites do just find the one that's right for you.   now, instead of uploading my pictures through blogger, i simply choose a different size from my flickr photostream and change the width to "400" and height to "600" for pictures in a portrait layout or "450" width and "325" height for landscape mode.  to find the different sizes on flickr, you have to click on your picture and on the top of it you will see a tab called "all sizes." click on that.  this will give you many options  and the appropriate direct link or html code. just pick one and plug in the numbers that i gave you earlier.  lastly, i copy and paste the direct link to my new post.  it's just that easy...really. hope this was clear. let me know if you need more help.  good luck! post script: Since the inception of new blogger, I no longer go through this process.


  1. Hey, that seems easy enough! Thank you.

  2. Ahhhhhhh...the lovely detailer waiting game!!! Love it!! Hope y'all get something you love!!! We're still waiting over here too. ugh.


Thank you.