yellow #4

whenever i volunteer in wonder boy's class, i get jealouse when i see the smart boards on the walls. oh, would i have loved to have a smart board when i taught high school, however, looking back it was special to go to the teacher's board and be allowed to write on them.

yellow #4

Who remembers banging the erasers? It was fun banging on a friends head as a practical joke, or seeing the dust settle, or even throw them at each other. I even had a teacher throw them at a student to get his attention. Then there was cleaning duty at the end of each week. i can close my eyes and see a classmate with a bucket and sponge in hand making straight vertical lines from left to right until the board was squeaky clean. a clean slate...ready for a new weeks worth of exercises and sentences.

honestly, this things were messy, but the child in me always loved to be at the blackboard.

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