yellow #5

good morning...how about some milk with that cereal?
these are two cereals that as a kid i never ate. my kids love them. in fact, the only cereal that i had as a kid was frosted flakes or cocoa crispies. it must be a cultural thing. i almost felt sorry for my non-cuban friends when i heard what they ate for breakfast. not many moms would give their children a small shot of espresso in their milk right before school. i will confess that i have been serving cafe con leche more regularly for boy wonder, lately. i can't help it, it feels like home to me. 

a typical breakfast consisted of cafe con leche with buttered toast or cuban bread. my grandmother would also make this fabulous version of french toast with stale cuban bread that was to die for. i'll have to come up with that recipe again. she never wrote anything down, in fact, i was never officially taught how to measure out the ingredients for our traditional cuban meals. everything was done to taste and a simple cupping of the hand or a certain wave of the wrist would ensure the perfect taste every time. 

oooooh, i can taste my grandmother's cafe con leche and abuelo's fresh bread from the bakery. i still haven't been able to replicate the exact taste, but, i have come very close to it. abuelo worked in several bakeries when he migrated from cuba but my favorite was tulipan bakery. he would always bring fresh bread and pastries home for us. ay, i'm hungry, now and with the closest cuban bakery about twenty miles from home. 

i'm off shopping for bread. have a fine day!

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