you can fly

there's a great video clip on LeSophie's post that i urge you to watch. thanks S., this continues to be shared.

how many of you show up and your genius is nowhere to be found? or how many times have you found yourself at a crossroad? the first happens to me frequently or it catches me at the most inopportune time without a pen or camera to catch the moment. and this crossroads i'm standing at has a bright blinking yellow light...proceed with caution. it's been blinking for some time now and i have been motionless not quite sure which road to take. but thanks to all that have inspired me and most of all the source from up above,  i have found my genius. 

the question, "what am i going to be when i grow up?" has come up numerous times at an earlier stage of my life. now, that i'm a grown-up the question seems peter panish, juvenile and out of date. for the most part, i have accomplished what i have set out to do and have seized many opportunities, however, now it's a question of "what am i going to do for the rest of my life?"  it's as daunting as the first question uttered in my twenties...utterly, overwhelming. the whole world is at my disposal again, but, (and here's the but) practicality outweighs abandon. one must remember those that rely on us.

so, i encourage you to find your genius and fill your life with purpose as creatively as possible. 

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  1. Hi honey, now I understand what you are talking about. I didn't see the video before I read this for the first time and I couldn't make sense of your posting. I love what you are doing so much I made looking at the blog part of my daily routine...love and miss you...Noel


Thank you.