memory, no.2

the smiling face of a happy boy
with its enchanted key
is now unlocking in memory
my store of heartiest joy.

and my lost life again to-day,
in pleasant colors all aglow,
from rainbow tints, to pure white snow,
is a panorama sliding away.

the whistled air of a simple tune
eddies and whirls my thoughts around,
as fairy balloons of thistle-down
sail through the air of June.

o happy boy with untaught grace!
what is there in the world to give
that can buy one hour of the life you live
or the trivial cause of your smiling face!

-- James Whitcomb Riley 

taken while vacationing in San Miguel de Allende in 2004. military man was on a six month deployment, so, i booked a flight out of Mystic, CT for a change of scenery and balmier temperatures + a visit with my father in mexico city. deployments are long and traveling, if at all possible, is a necessity. we did a lot of traveling that year. i wonder how i will cope a deployment with three children? lets, hope i'll never have to find out. wishful thinking on my part. 

well, the trip to mexico was the retreat and distraction that was needed. boy wonder was just two years old and such a little gentlemen. look at the huge smile on his face...back in the day when he was an only child.


UnPhotographed but never forgotten.

This is unusual for me. I always have a picture to share but tonight I will forever hold this image in my mind.
As I was in the office reading, Lucy (aka girl wonder) tugs at my hand and tries to pull me away from the couch. She keeps repeating, "Mommy, come on. Cory's asleep. You have to put him in the bed. Come on, come on, maaahhmmy." Mind you Lucy is all of three years old and already acting like the mother. Well, I didn't hesitate because she seemed so concerned. We walked over to the living room where he lay asleep. She was a few feet ahead of me and this is what I will remember always. 
She walks over to him and ever so gently tucks the covers under his chin, softly pats the blanket, wipes his brow and sweetly places a kiss on his forehead and whispers, "goodnight, Cory." It was the most precious moment I had the luck to witness between those two. 
During the course of the day, I never know if they can stand each other with their typical sibling rivalry. But this night I will always remember that kiss goodnight. 


memory, no.1

young man & the sea

Make a Kid Happy 
If you want to make a kid happy 
Just put a fishing pole in his hand 
As soon as he snags one 
He’ll feel like the King in his land
There’s nothing like the feel 
Of a tug on the end of the line 
His heart starts to race instantly 
It could be a branch with a little twine 
It’s not only the sport of fishing 
But he’s bringing food to dinner 
So proud that kid will be 
A sport that makes him a winner 
So if you want to make a child happy 
Get him started in this wonderful game 
Put that rod in his hands 
He will never again be the same!

--Marilyn Lott

the first day back to our usual routine has me reminiscing about the wonderful week spent in key west. there was overcast that day, which lent itself to the perfect conditions to fish off the side of the road, literally. we drove around the key to find a good spot, casted out our lines and hoped for the best. we caught very little but it was a great day, nonetheless.


kw 09 Our first real road trip as a family. It's actually a trip down memory lane to key west where military man + i lived before the kids arrived. boy wonder is our true souvenir... the one thing that we took with us, in addition to, albums filled of memories. we returned to key west a few days ago & we are enjoying the uber-relaxed attitude. even the internet is relaxed. The posts will be sporatic, please expect things to be back to normal when we get back home. In the meantime, enjoy this small glimpse of island living and bright colors.
kw 09
nims island, according to girl wonder
Picnik collage

i couldn't wait to visit and share with the kids my favorite part of town. the bahama village for some light shopping at besame mucho + serious food at blue heaven. two wonderful island indulgences.
now, we're off to a st. patrick's day parade. 


...and I will hear you.

i was moved to tears and rendered speechless. such a hopeless romantic. watch it, if you get a chance. it's a story worth learning about the land down under during the Japanese invasion and retold in a way only Baz Luhrmann could tell; full of magical imagery and delight. the romance between lady Sarah and Drover is ahhh...dreamy. just like military man and mine. well, maybe i exaggerated  a little or a lot. 

here's a sneak peak at the 2008 film...Australia.

ps. the movie was brought to me by Apple tv...love me some Apple tv.


Sunday Morning in Bed

I don't get to sit in bed and watch television very often. So, when military man offers to bring me hot chocolate and some toast to my bedside; I seized the opportunity to be pampered. Don't get too excited for me. We don't have cable...viewing options are limited. Well, I watched a piece of Joel Osteen's sermon. First, time I ever watched him. Thought he was sweet.
Next, Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood came on. Loved the whole thing. Every segment was great. Learned a little about Van Morrison and thoroughly enjoyed the list of books that people have lied about reading. But there was more.
Who knew that the employment rate was so high? Yes, high! The media and the president are constantly reminding us of how many jobs have been lost. Leading us to believe that everybody is on the verge of losing their jobs. We know...we get it...we read you loud and clear...we're in a recession. However, recessions do not always lead to depressions, except for people's moods. We are constantly reminded of how many individuals are struggling. I feel terrible for those who have lost their jobs or on the verge of retiring with retirement funds that are close to zero, if not in the red, already. I wish more could be done for those people and fast.
Other than having a relaxing morning, my early rendez-vouz with the tele reaffirmed the notion that the media and programming, in general, set the audience's tone. The media and politicos are infusing fear into the veins of many, when they should be looking for additional ways  to employ the unemployed, boost everyone's confidence and most importantly recover retirement plans. The administration is trying with the current stimulus package, but is this a band-aid solution? Where is this money coming from? Well, primarily from China. We are now deeper in debt to them. Is this what we want are children to inherit? More debt?
I, personally, like what Ben Stein has to say in this clip. Have a look.

(Rewind if you must. I couldn't help myself...I had to rewind. The first time around all I was thinking was "Beuhler, Beuhler" and "Anyone, Anyone." But I digressed)
Cheerleading or looking to a spirit leader maybe undermining the population's anxiety and a little cheeky. Wouldn't you agree that we need to hear better news? The main idea here is try to focus on the positive. Focus on those 90+ percent that still have their jobs and are doing well with their mortgages. Let's look to those people to see what they have done right.


Green Window

Crazy day today. I had to make sure that we had everything squared away for our Walk for a Cure in April. It required lots of copies and, of course, the printer at home ran out of ink. So, off to Kinko's, I went. Then other miscellaneous errands and to the girls favorite kids place for a play date. A good day overall. The days not over, yet. I'm on a short break before I run boy wonder to CCD classes, to the market and bedtime rituals times three. No, wonder 2009 feels like a race. So, much to do.

green window

Here's a memory of a much slower time. This was part of our European vacation. We stopped in Leon, Spain to visit military man's family. The wall is part of his ancestral home in Solana, a small village outside of Leon. This is a place where time has stood still. However, my time is rushing by and three are talking at me all at once. Who can blog under these circumstances. Gotta run. Wish I could expand on this story. Maybe another time.